Learning Culture

Weighing the Scales

gold scale on a rainbow wooden table

The phrase at scale has plagued me for a while now and my apprehension stems from knowing that bigger isn’t always better. The school of hard knocks has taught me this lesson more times than I care to admit.  My most recent lesson came from a digital nomad meetup I attended in Portimao, Portugal. My […]

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Pride of Place

Pride of Place

Dusk falls over a grassy plain. A young antelope looks up, startled.  We hear the voice of David Attenborough narrating the graceful dance of a lioness stalking her prey. A rustle, a leap, the kill. We see the strategy, power, and skill, and we’re left in awe. The lion makes it look effortless. But the

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Learning is Always Valuable

multicolored letter, number, and symbol magnets on a red and blue background

“Learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can; there will always be a time you’ll be grateful you did.” – Sarah Caldwell As a Modern Languages major and a self-confessed language fanatic, I have spent the better part of the last 10 years learning and teaching languages. It all started when I

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Learning Alone, Together

Where were you when the reality of the COVID pandemic first struck you? I was 4,000 miles from home, hitching cheap and early flights through Europe to find my way home from a semester abroad gone astray. January 28, 2020 | Lecco, Northern Italy Seven eager exchange students and I woke up early for a

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The Four Horsemen of the Work Culture Apocalypse

We have a common enemy we’re all fighting. They are the four horsemen of the work culture apocalypse. The four most destructive team dysfunctions are: Constant Fire-Fighting Defensiveness The Blame Game Disconnect Between Learning and Working Let’s unpack each of these a little more. Constant Fire-Fighting The time available for people to think and reflect is scarce.

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How to Turn Failure into a Learning Opportunity: The Story of Danny MacAskill

Danny MacAskill climbing a rock face with his bike over his shoulder

“One more,” said little Danny to his Dad, Peter, his knees bloodied and a bump rising on his forehead. This kid was determined. He wanted to ace the dangerous move on his new bike before supper time. Danny’s parents bought him a rusty old second-hand Raleigh bike for his fifth birthday, and he spent hours

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