Two Sundays a month, I send out my “Curious Lion Learnings” newsletter with ideas I’m thinking about and the most interesting things I come across on the web.  I’m curious about the intersection between learning, psychology and strategy lessons from history, sports and business.


"Loving your e-mails, your human touch and candid look at learning and life."

- Head of Performance Solutions, Global Professional Services Firm, Toronto, CA
"Very insightful and makes me think."

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"Such good writing - absolutely love reading your mails!"

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- Board Director, Major University, New York, NY

#65- It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

#64- Your company’s greatest competitive advantage

#63- How to find your Unique Teacher Identity

#62- What are you brilliant at?

#61- Learning flywheels are the future

#60- Students need to struggle

#59- The power of setting your intent

#58- Death for the dreams of a writer

#57- Disembarking

#56- Like an anaconda swallowed a pig

#55- Focus on what you have

#54- Are you serving somebody or everybody?

#53- Leaving the Titan of Cities

#52- Community is King

#51- 5 Lessons from Launching my Fellowship

#50- What is production value in online learning

#49- Superstar Teachers

#48- What gives online courses a bad name?

#47- The world needs more teachers

#46- If you want to go far, go together

#45- I have big news

#44- Build in Public (trust me)

#43- Run Your Faucet Dry

#42- Here’s what I learned from my octopus teacher

#41- Why you should share your work with the world

#40- Execution is where the magic is

#39- The one about group learning

#38- Your best self

#37 – What motivates you to learn?

#36 – Greetings from New York

#35 – The secret to Liverpool’s success

#34 – Lightly, my darling

#33 – Learning is magical, it multiplies

#32 – Time for Change

#31 – Simple to understand, incredibly hard to do

#30 – Zoom fatigue

#29 – The most valuable asset of a business post-COVID-19

#28 – Irrational anger and the power of perspective

#27 – Corona made me do it

#26 – What good can we take from this?

#25 – Clarify your values before you set your goals

#24 – What can we learn from the long-living residents of Okinawa?

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