We Drive Revenue Enablement
for B2B Tech Companies

by Building Systems for Continuous Active Learning


“If you are passionate about creating meaningful learning experiences, Curious Lion can help you build the learning culture you need to scale skills for the future.

– Phylicia Jones, Global People Development at PagerDuty


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Your business is unique

Your go-to-market motion is complex. Your customers expect a tailored approach.

Your budgets are being cut

You have to do more with less. You have to rely on your people, and they have to rely on each other to collaborate and learn and improve continuously.

Your people are busy

They’re often too busy putting out fires to think and communicate as a team. Productivity suffers. 

They’re siloed, unaware of the big picture, and largely unprepared to navigate the complexity of internal and external processes.

And you can’t afford to lose them

These days, they’re more likely to leave, taking their knowledge with them. The time and money invested in onboarding burns quickly.

The companies that fail to address this are doomed to fail.


“You get us! We appreciate your choice, picking up on the nuances of our conversations, and taking things to the next level: A curriculum for learning.”

– Nicole Jurinek, Client Executive at Alight Solutions


Picture This

The Circle of Learning
  • There is internal alignment between all roles.
  • Your people learn not just from experience, but from reflecting on experience.
  • They meet regularly to share knowledge and learn together.
  • They start to teach each other, transferring knowledge.
  • They take risks and run experiments.
  • They view mistakes and failures as learning opportunities.
  • Together, they write their own playbooks that lead to explosive growth and ultimately scale.


“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”

– Albert Einstein


We Believe

Top-down training doesn’t work.
Curated human interaction eats fancy content and tech for breakfast.
Collectively, your people have the answers to your biggest challenges within them.
Good systems promote curiosity, communication, collaboration, and continuous active learning.
A culture of continuous active learning creates a decades-long competitive advantage for a company.
We can build systems to help your people capture and share these answers.
The Learning Culture Lotus

What We Do


We map your customer journey to identify all relevant touchpoints with your people.


We conduct surveys and interviews to develop a competency map for key roles.


We co-create a Continuous Active Learning System (CALS) to last you decades.


We design and deploy Cohort Learning Experiences to drive your CALS.


We help you future-proof your CALS for scale.

What You Can Expect

Increase revenue

by crowd-sourcing best practice for live deals

Reduce costs

by relying less on expensive content and fancy tech

Prepare for uncertainty

by responding more rapidly to client needs

Attract great people

by developing great people

Retain top talent

by increasing employee engagement

Retain know-how

by increasing knowledge sharing and capture

Do more with less

by supercharging skills and decision-making

Increase innovation

by encouraging experimentation and co-creation

How We’ve Helped Companies Like Yours

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We Can Unlock Explosive Growth for You

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