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we are a good fit to work together if:

You are responsible for the knowledge in your organization.

You need to train your people and your customers.

Your demands keep piling on and you can’t create it all yourself.

You have a clear idea of what you want to achieve, but you need help getting there.

You need a partner who understands your business and your vision for better training.

Andrew and his team went above and beyond to understand our product and made sure to come into every meeting with intelligent questions to enhance the overall training instead of spending our time learning our product.
Absolutely brilliant. Andrew and his team quickly understood our business needs and designed the perfect video course to show clients how to use our platform in a style consistent with our brand.
Curious Lion are people people. They understand what effective and quality learning content looks like and what it takes to build it. I have a very small team, and Curious Lion became the extension of my team for the duration of our project, helping me execute on some of our learning deliverables with quality and with speed. We were able to share candid feedback, brainstorm on alternative solutions, and reach a collaborative decision to finalize the deliverables. We now have short learning videos that our employees can watch prior to attending a learning experience to be aware of the key learning moments that will be covered in the session. They are quick, short, and something someone can watch any time of day. We now have on-demand content and if there is any company interested in constantly finding ways to offer learning opportunities to their employees, Curious Lion can help bring your content to life and and help you build the learning culture you need to scale skills for the future.

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If you’ve got a big vision that needs a big training effort, we’d love to talk. We work with companies and experts across industries. Any subject can be reimagined, so let’s talk.

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