Andrew Barry

After working in corporate training for just over a decade, I started Curious Lion in the belief that we could do a better job creating custom digital training. Too often I had seen online training consist of hastily thrown together eLearning versions of slide decks. I knew there was a better way.

How About a 4 Day Workweek?

How about a four day workweek?

I’ve been working closer to a 4 day workweek during the 3 months of lockdown. But I haven’t been any less productive. If anything, I’m more productive, writing more and making bigger decisions. The step back has afforded me a new perspective. I’m thinking long-term. This has meant scaling back my lead generation service and […]

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5 Steps for Creating Online Learning – Are You Missing Any?

5 steps for creating your digital training

Online Learning Guide Contents Who is this online learning guide for? Why the shift to online learning could be a good thing. Differences for the learner between in-person and online learning. Be more intentional about your training design. Know your multimedia options for online learning delivery. The 5 steps in the online learning development process.

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