Amanda Natividad on A Recipe for Content Marketing

Amanda Natividad on A Recipe for Content Marketing

Amanda is the head of marketing at Growth Machine, before that, she was a journalist and trained chef. So it’s been an interesting career path for Amanda.

In our conversation, she reveals a content marketing masterclass. We go into the details of content marketing and why it’s important for your business. We then break down some of the steps that you can use to get started including defining your goals which Amanda breaks down into three very useful categories.

  1. Thinking about resources versus time, versus channel.
  2. Doing customer research.
  3. Starting with one channel, and eventually expanding into others.

We end off with some of her thoughts on the new media platforms such as TikTok and the social audio sensation, Clubhouse.

This was a highly practical conversation. So grab a pen and paper and make sure you can take some notes!

Please Enjoy!

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Show Notes

  • Was marketing always part of the journey for Amanda? When did her journey start? (00:02:23-00:04:29)
  • The lessons Amanda learned from her previous experience that she still applies now. (00:04:29-00:06:34)
  • How Amanda takes feedback on her own writing and how she gains insight by editing others’ work. (00:06:35-00:09:40)
  • How does Amanda approach the emotional side of writing and challenges as a writer? (00:09:40-00:11:38)
  • How does she resist the urge to self-edit her first draft and using 750 Words? (00:11:42-00:13:50)
  • Amanda’s experience in Fitbit B2B and the challenges she encountered. (00:13:55-00:17:15)
  • What drew her to Growth Machine and what is she most excited about working there? (00:17:33-00:19:46)
  • Amanda describes the difference between Head of Content and Head of Marketing. (00:19:46-00:20:58)
  • The Cup & Leaf case study as the best case study she has seen. (00:21:00-00:23:09)
  • How does she view the balance between growing a company brand or a personal brand challenge? (00:23:20-00:26:08)
  • Amanda talks about the biggest misconception about what content marketing is. (00:26:29-00:27:52)
  • What role does psychology and understanding human behavior play in content marketing? (00:27:58-00:30:43)
  • By learning about content marketing, what will this enable you to do? And what is the goal?(00:31:29-00:32:45)
  • What would a company or an individual creator be able to do differently with a good content marketing strategy in place? (00:32:49-00:34:28)
  • Amanda on the idea of creating a community with your content. (00:34:29-00:34:50)
  • What are the steps into setting up a content strategy for a company? Amanda talks about 3 important goals. (00:34:58-00:39:26)
  • What’s the next step after having a clear set of goals? (00:39:26-00:40:43)
  • Does she believe that writing is a good tool for thinking? Does writing long-form actually help you generate a blog post and all sorts of micro-content on top of that? (00:40:45-00:42:05)
  • Amanda’s tips on what to do to make sure you are doing things right. (00:42:06-00:46:50)
  • Amanda talks more about the steps in growing an audience and what they did at Growth Machine as an example. (00:47:00-00:49:53)
  • What does she think of these new platforms emerging, such as TikTok or Clubhouse? (00:49:55-00:51:55)
  • How does she see creators or individuals contributing to brands? (00:51:58-00:54:55)

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