Khe Hy on The Course Creator Journey

Khe Hy on The Course Creator Journey

Joining me this week was Khe Hy. Khe is the founder of Rad Reads, a website, blog, and newsletter with over 25,000 readers.

He has been called the Oprah for Millennials by CNN, and the Wall Street Guru by Bloomberg. Khe is also the creator of Supercharge your Productivity which is the premier class on designing a system for doing ‘$10,00/hour work’.

Khe designed a course to teach people how to use Notion, but this has since the launch evolved into a more transformative course about how to live a more fulfilled and examined life.

We chat about how Khe developed a curriculum, his marketing, tech stack and other tools he uses, and so much more.

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Show Notes

  • Why did Khe leave BlackRock? (00:03:28-00:06:45)
  • When did he start his journey of creating content? (00:06:50-00:09:49)
  • When did he start taking content creation seriously? (00:09:50-00:11:51)
  • When did he start to realize that he had a niche skill to teach? (00:12:36-00:17:00)
  • Khe talks about the sense of validation – “There’s no greater validation to an idea when someone opens their wallet”. (00:17:20-00:19:14 )
  • Khe on “selling vision rather than tactics” and his cohort-based course Supercharge your Productivity. (00:19:30-00:23:25)
  • Andrew and Khe on being passionate about what you are teaching to really be successful. (00:23:30-00:25:38)
  • Khe’s initial webinar “Reimagining Financial Independence”. (00:25:39-00:27:42)
  • Khe talks about his group coaching program to learn Notion and how he thinks about it. (00:27:43-00:31:48)
  • Khe’s process in creating a transformational course. (00:31:52-00:36:30)
  • Khe’s advice on how to develop a curriculum. (00:36:42-00:40:30)
  • Andrew and Khe talk more about how to create a good course curriculum and the story that resonates with people. (00:40:30-00:42:12)
  • What are some of the changes Khe made from the early cohorts to now? (00:42:22-00:46:00)
  • Does he find teaching and marketing similar? (00:46:00-00:49:39)
  • Khe’s recommendation on copyrighting resources. (00:49:40-00:52:40)
  • Tech stacks and other tools he uses. (00:52:42-00:53:56)
  • How is Khe thinking about architecting his community? (00:54:39-00:57:50)
  • What excites him about the ODCC community? (00:58:42-01:02:42)
  • What are some of the things Khe is excited about in the future? (01:02:47-01:08:35)

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Khe Hy on The Course Creator Journey

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