Ali Abdaal on the Power of an Infinite Content Engine

Ali Abdaal on The Power Of An Infinite Content Engine

In this week’s episode, I talk to Ali Abdaal. Ali is a junior doctor from Cambridge in the UK. He is also the founder of a company called 6med and is best known as a YouTube star who gets spotted in public. Ali has 1.4 million subscribers to his YouTube channel (at the time of writing) and produces content on productivity, how to study for exams, tech reviews, desk setups, and many more topics in between.

In this conversation, we talked about online courses that we both have in common. I helped Ali with the first cohort of his part-time YouTuber Academy, which is an extremely successful online course that sold out in the first two cohorts.

We absolutely geeked out on some of the learning theories that Ali applies in his YouTube videos as well as in his course, which was a journey for him and his team, and was an incredible one for me to be on alongside them.

Please enjoy!

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Show Notes

  • Ali’s expert opinion on what makes a great YouTuber. (02:50-04:08)
  • What does Ali’s day-to-day look like and what are some things he constantly has to think about in growing his YouTube channel? (04:10-06:56)
  • What Ali does to realize his vision on a certain project. (07:02-08:39)
  • Why did Ali choose Medicine? (09:18-11:04)
  • Did Ali ever consider quitting Medicine? (11:14-13:21)
  • Ali’s study approach in Cambridge. (14:25-16:53)
  • Ali’s advice to students. (16:17-16:53)
  • What is Ali’s company 6Med and how did it start? (18:05-20:44)
  • Was Ali ever a “wasteman”? (21:17-22:19)
  • Does Ali suffer from time anxiety? (23:35-24:07)
  • Why did Ali have a natural draw into teaching? What made him decide to go into teaching people?(25:31-27:50)
  • How Ali learned how to structure his YouTube videos to make them educational. (28:49-30:10)
  • Publishing videos on YouTube is not that easy and an emotional journey. (30:17-31:25)
  • The Earned Dogmatism Effect and what Ali’s thoughts are on that. (31:29-33:53)
  • Is there something he could have done differently in his first cohort? (34:02-36:51)
  • How a session on Finding Your Niche went badly for Ali. (36:51-38:30)
  • The architect vs the archeologist. (37:53-38:30)
  • The secret to making content memorable. (38:56-41:29)
  • How Ali came up with the name “The Magical Insight Logging Framework” for one of his videos. (42:41-44:26)
  • Why are educational videos important on YouTube. (44:54-47:21)
  • When did Ali start taking Educational videos seriously and how he changed his approach. (47:49-50:26)
  • Ali talks about a great way of thinking about mentors which he learned from Derek Sivers. (50:53-52:01)
  • How Ali takes his learnings from his mentors. (52:33-54:50)
  • When his channel became the Ali Abdaal channel and when he started bringing his personality into it.(54:02-57:25 )
  • Ali talked about how his YouTube channel and content evolved. (57:49-59:24)
  • The production pipeline of his channel. (59:24-1:00:15)
  • How he turned his piece for his previous talk into a video. (1:00:56-1:02:59)
  • His experience in being recognized in the streets for being famous on YouTube. (1:03:01-1:07:30)
  • Why becoming a Gymshark Athlete is on his bucket list. (1:07:47-1:09:51)
  • The biggest underrated benefit of a YouTube channel or growing online. (1:10:06-1:11:09)
  • Ali talks about the book he is working on Meaningful Productivity. (1:11:38-1:14:04)
  • His biggest challenge in writing a book. (1:15:07-1:16:50)
  • Ali talked about the process he went through with his course. (1:18:07-1:20:09 )

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