Robin Waite on Pricing, Productizing, and Positioning

Robin Waite on Pricing, Productizing, and Positioning

This week’s guest is Robin Waite. Robin is a business coach, speaker, and author. He specializes in helping other business owners with productizing, pricing, and positioning their offers.

In this episode, we unpack the psychology and thinking that goes into those three areas. We dive deep into how to change your business mindset.

In Robin’s own words: “Slow down, create space, and charge your worth.”

Please enjoy!

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Show Notes

  • “Slow down, create space, and charge your worth.” (02:10-05:00)
  • How to change your business mindset. (05:05-06:21)
  • Fine-tune your engine. (06:22-6:42)
  • When do you know when you’ve hit the turning point? (06:43-10:00)
  • Robin’s journey to bringing value to his customers. (10:01-11:10)
  • The story of the plumber. (11:11-11:53)
  • How to develop the ability to articulate your value. (11:55-13:42)
  • How to formalize your business. (13:50-16:32)
  • The importance of goal setting. (16:41-21:08)
  • The sustainability of the start-up hustle and grinding to get things off the ground. (21:20-23:30)
  • Creating space. (23:37-25:30)
  • Momentum in business. (25:36-28:29)
  • How to be in-tune and know when the right moment is to catch the wave. (28:30-30:30)
  • The PITAF Exercise. (30:31-32:47)
  • How to fire your clients. (32:52-35:30)
  • How to go about pricing your product or service. (35:35-36:20)
  • The buying psychology and priming your customers to receive your pricing. (36:21-37:55)
  • Breakthrough advertising: The 5 levels of market sophistication. (37:56-42:07)
  • When should the price be mentioned? Sales vs relationships. (42:08-44:00)
  • The balance between talking and listening. How to make effective value propositions. (44:08-46:59)
  • Getting to the ROI. (47:00-51:26)
  • The STFU technique. (51:27-52:50)
  • How important is it to have a productized offer vs customizing? (52:51-55:00)
  • The three principles of packaging a product. (55:01-58:40)
  • Advice on pricing and a little bit about online course quality. (58:57-1:05:56)
  • How to test your market and get your product out there. (1:06:02-1:08:00)
  • Dan Creasey: ‘Marketing for signals, not sales.’ (1:08:02-1:09:22)

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