Tanya Geisler on How to Combat Imposter Syndrome

Tanya Geisler on Deconstructing Imposter Syndrome

Joining me this week was Tanya Geisler. Tanya is a coach, writer, TED speaker, and expert on the Imposter Complex (or Syndrome). She’s written multiple books on the subject and works with clients that include best-selling authors, public speakers, and rock star motivators. Her expertise lies in helping leaders understand what the Imposter Complex or Imposter Syndrome is, and understand some of the lies we tell ourselves and the behavior traits we demonstrate which alert us to the fact that we’re suffering from Imposter Syndrome.

If you’re wondering whether you might suffer from Imposter Syndrome – you may have had feelings of feeling out of action, or you doubt your capacity to do something, or feel alone or isolated, or ‘why should the world want to hear from me or read about what I have to say?’ – that’s all the Imposter Phenomenon, as this was originally coined. The concept spans literature, studies, and even spiritual teachings. If you value the characteristics of mastery, integrity, and excellence, you’re actually more susceptible to experiencing Imposter Syndrome.

In this conversation, we break down what it is, how to go about overcoming it, and how different cultures view Imposter Syndrome.

Please enjoy!

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Show Notes

  • Why Imposter complex/syndrome? (00:02:30-00:03:40)
  • How Tanya started her journey in Coaching. (00:03:40-00:04:15)
  • How she got to experience and understand the Imposter Syndrome. (00:04:15-00:05:25)
  • Has she ever met anyone who doesn’t struggle with this? (00:05:26-00:06:39)
  • What is the Imposter Phenomenon – a brief history. (00:06:43-00:09:20)
  • Characteristics of someone who has the Imposter Syndrome. (00:09:21-00:12:32)
  • Her motivation and how she started to learn about the syndrome. (00:13:25-00:15:25)
  • Tanya’s approach in recognizing Imposter Syndrome, and the influence that surrounds it. (00:15:25-00:17:12)
  • Objectives of the Imposter Syndrome: 6 behavioral traits. (00:17:30-00:21:25)
  • Solutions and strategies for people with Imposter Syndrome. (00:21:26-00:26:28)
  • Why is positive feedback less impactful than negative feedback? (00:26:34-00:29:15)
  • What does your process look like when you’re working with clients? (00:29:30-00:30:58)
  • Tanya shares her own process – her own unique brand of “joy”. (00:30:59-00:36:15)
  • Tanya talks about the pathway/program in helping her clients. (00:36:28-00:39:23)
  • Discussion on leaky boundaries and people-pleasing. (00:39:24-00:47:15)
  • The Tall Poppy Syndrome. (00:47:22-00:53:38)
  • Reflections on allowing others to recognize their own brilliance and light. (00:53:57-00:57:36)
  • Tanya’s message to the people who are listening and experiencing Imposter Syndrome. (00:57:41-00:58:23)

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