This Blockchain Explainer Gets so Many Things Right

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We wanted to share this brilliantly done explainer video on Blockchain, not only because EVERYONE we know is talking about it, but also because it does an excellent job of demonstrating five key principles of effective learning design in video-based learning. If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide on how to create something like this for your organization, we’ve got you covered.


In one of our earlier posts on multimedia principles of learning, we looked at the principle of coherence. Essentially what this video does so well is weed out any unnecessary words and graphics and cover a highly complex topic in less than six minutes. Superbly focused.


Have a look at what a great job this video does of timing the display of words and graphics with the voice over. This is contiguity at work.


We really enjoyed the three factors that make blockchain unique being so well signposted. It was very clear from this what we were supposed to take away from the video.


We loved the use of the clean and simple, yet beautiful, graphics to support the narration. Too often graphics can get in the way, resulting in extraneous processing. That was not the case here.


Finally, we were waiting for the three factors that make blockchain unique to be summarized at the end, and we were not disappointed. This served as an important reminder of the key takeaways from the video.

Well done to the Centre for International Governance Innovation. We were very impressed.

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