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How we work

We think long-term and act with urgency in the short-term. We’re a business partner, not a content development shop. We work with your team at the highest levels to deliver strategic thought leadership, stellar learning experiences and extraordinary business value.

  • We engage with a limited number of clients due to the depth and commitment of our relationships.
  • We do not charge by the hour.
  • We charge a fee for our services that is aligned with the value of our thinking and is agreed upon in advance.
  • We have fun doing this work because learning is our passion and curious is in our name.

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We work with teams and we look at every team in an integrated way

Venn diagram of our revenue enablement approach focusing on people, process and technology

Here's what it looks like for you


Let us know about your company and vision by completing this short form.


Meet with our CEO to determine if we’d be a good fit as partners.


Work with your team* on phase 1: The Audit


Scope out our primary engagement together, phase 2 of our work: The Activation


Develop and deploy your Continuous Active Learning System.


Plan for Ongoing Engagements as needed in phase 3: The Acceleration.

* your team will include an Account Manager, an Enablement Leader, and a Learning Architect.

Ready to explore how we can work together?

Or keep reading for more details on the three phases of working with us…

The Audit

You’ll be introduced to the Account Manager, Enablement Leader and Learning Architect you’ll work with for ongoing engagements.

Our initial engagement is a comprehensive assessment and analysis of where you are now and where you want to be in the future.



  • We interview you and your leadership team, and inspect relevant documentation and systems.
  • We then create a standard set of interview questions and broaden our Discovery by interviewing any stakeholders who we agree would add the most value and context to our analysis.
  • We conduct an online survey to collect data and insights to measure the health of your current learning culture.


  • We present our findings and recommendations, highlight key themes, and provide multiple options for courses of action.
  • Together we align on the best next step for your organization.


Our insights in The Audit Phase include:

People Development Vision

  • We help you assess the state of your learning culture with our Total Enablement Scorecard.
  • We help you articulate a shared vision of the mindsets, behaviors, competencies, knowledge, and skills all roles in your revenue team should have, using our Cardinal Competencies framework.
  • We work with your leadership and CS teams to identify and prioritize key messages for roll out to the team.

You get clarity, establish priorities, set expectations, establish a system for measurement, and create implementation plans for your people development learning system.

Buyer Journey

  • We map out every touch point a prospective buyer would have with your company from interest, through the sales process, and finally, as a customer, to identify the critical areas of focus.
  • We work with your to identify and prioritize a list of opportunities for improvement.

You get a documented understanding of your entire revenue motion and a list of opportunities for improvement you can action immediately. 

Technology & Data Assessment

  • We analyze your existing tech stack and what metrics you’re currently tracking and how.

You get opportunities for improvement in each of these areas and clarity on the metrics we’ll use to measure our progress.

Knowledge Management Assessment

  • We identify what is working and the bottleneck areas in knowledge flow and capture.
  • We assess how technology enables or hinders knowledge sharing.

You get a benchmark for comparing your current knowledge state to other organizations.

You will be able to use the results of The Audit to design your own learning system, should you wish at this point.

Price: $48,000

At this point we scope out exactly how we can help you in the next phase…

The Activation

With alignment in The Audit phase, we move into the Activation phase.

Our team will use all or some of the following ten tools to design a Continuous Active Learning System (CALS) custom-built specifically for you and the learning and knowledge management challenges preventing you, your people, and your organization from reaching your full potential.

1. Learner Self Assessment

Design, deploy and report on proficiency surveys for your people to measure their learning progress.

2. Learning Program Design

Craft a curriculum to navigate your custom learning pathways (incl. curated content, reflection prompts, live learning sessions, deliberate practice and how we will measure success).

3. Cohort Learning Experience Build Out

Design your Talent Academy based on our Cohort Learning Experience model to establish an institutional habit for integrating learning and working.

4. Shared Story Implementation

Implement a system for building a Story Bank to capture best practices and examples of what good looks like from your people.

5. Knowledge Management Implementation

Implement a system for building a Single Source of Truth to capture, organize and store knowledge generated by your people in this system.

6. Content Production

Create playbooks and related assets for your revenue team. Design run of show, including all related assets for launch events like SKOs and learning kickoffs.

7. Manager Development & Coaching

Coaching culture training for managers: dedicated tracks to help managers determine areas of development, create action plans, and take steps to improve the performance of their direct reports.

8. Process Improvement

Roll out behavioral change initiatives based on opportunities for improvement identified in process, technology, and data audits.

9. Technology Implementation

Identify and evaluate new technology and design and develop training roll-outs to increase adoption.

10. Onboarding Overhaul

Design a customized onboarding plan (end-to-end covering what, why, how, where, when and who) for every key role in your organization.


Our team gets to work designing and developing your activation. We’ll meet weekly via Zoom to ensure our engagement stays on track. Our team will set up additional sessions with your Subject Matter Experts to work together to design and develop content to ensure it meets your needs. We aim to create a CALS that works turn-key and lasts decades.


An end-to-end CALS includes all the content, program guides, facilitation guides, worksheets, slide decks, assessment tools, playbooks, and training you’ll need to run your System independently. You’ll retain all rights to the content, source files, and material.


A separate SOW is negotiated for this phase. The price is determined based on scope.

Some of the factors that determine the price:

  • Urgency
  • Size of revenue team
  • Complexity of revenue motion 
  • State of current learning culture
  • Novelty and complexity of product
  • Availability of subject matter experts
  • Sophistication of current knowledge architecture

Engagement pricing typically starts at $150,000.

Here's everything you'll get from the activation phase

the Curious Lion system for sales transformation graphic

The Acceleration

A Continuous Active Learning System (CALS) is a journey, not a destination.

The CALS we create for you will set your company up with habits, routines, and systems for learning that will last decades.

However, there are two scenarios in which you may consider ongoing work with us.

  1. Maintenance
  2. Refreshes and Resets


Any learning system is subject to change over time, due to macro factors like:

  • The mindsets, behaviors, competencies, knowledge, and skills needed in a role.
  • The mental models and frameworks needed to introduce fresh, new ways of thinking.
  • Small positioning changes to your company values, strategy, and corporate branding.
  • Updates to your processes, technology stack and system for knowledge management.
  • New personnel in your team. 
  • Learning design approaches based on learner feedback.


We meet quarterly or when you call us (whichever comes first) to review the status of your CALS. We review employee feedback forms and interview multiple stakeholders to give you an honest assessment of how the system is going.


Examples of ways we can support you in our Acceleration phase include:

  • Facilitation of narrative-based creativity workshops to help you identify ways to be more efficient, boost innovation, and promote cross-functional collaboration.
  • Ongoing role analysis to ensure you have the right people in the right seats.
  • Smart matching of individuals in your team for mentoring opportunities.
  • Content and assets for ongoing behavioral change initiatives that you want us to build for you. 
  • Content and assets for ad-hoc Cohort Learning Experiences for new products, strategic messaging etc.
  • Facilitation skills training for the team delivering your Cohort Learning Experiences. 
  • Ongoing work with your rev ops team to improve your measurement capabilities.
  • Ongoing capture and distribution of shared stories that demonstrate how you win. 
  • SOPs and training for you and your team to administer your CALS and single source of truth on your own. 
  • Visioning sessions for your key teams.


Maintenance packages start at $24,000 per quarter.

Refreshes and Resets

Occasionally, certain events may require a refresh or reset of your CALS.

These may include but are not limited to:

  • A merger or acquisition that results in the integration of a significant team of new people.
  • New products or services that materially impact how you sell and deliver to customers.
  • The creation of a new function, department or business unit in your organization.
  • An overhaul of company values, strategy, and corporate branding that materially changes the way you communicate to your people or customers.
  • Ongoing maintenance is not performed on a quarterly basis.

In these cases, we’ll work with you to scope out the magnitude of the change and provide Price estimates for a new Audit Phase and CALS. You can expect these prices to be lower than the price for an initial engagement.

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