Learning Culture

We foster a culture in which the conditions exist for accelerated learning to become a habit.

Learning is part of an ecosystem. You must address organizational learning as a system or no independent learning intervention will ever realize its desired effect.

We look holistically at your:

People and how they are treated. 

Organizational design to understand the implicit rules of the game. 

Vision to understand if people are committed and have a clear direction.

Values to understand what governs interactions between people.

Leaders to understand what kind of behavior is being modeled. 

Collective attitude toward personal mastery to understand the approach to curiosity and personal development. 

Team learning to understand how knowledge is shared and how people mentor and coach each other. 

Knowledge management to understand how knowledge is captured, stored, and made accessible for others to benefit.  

You can expect a full diagnostic of your learning culture using our 40-point scorecard.

The Learning Culture Octagon

To help you build Cohort Learning Experiences to improve your organizational capacity to learn.

The Cohort Learning Experience process flow

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