Cognitive Neuroscience

We develop elite skills and competencies using cutting-edge methods approved by the U.S. Army Special Forces.

We partner with Story Scientist Angus Fletcher to help teams develop elite skills for high performance. Angus is the Professor of Story Science at Ohio State’s Project Narrative, the world’s leading academic think-tank for the study of how stories work. With a background in neuroscience and literature, Angus has most recently been empowering the U.S. Army Special Forces to solve the problem of war by imagining solutions to conflicts before they arise.

You can expect elite training methods

Shifting Into Narrative Thinking

Plunging into the Unknown

Reserving Judgment

Seeking The Exceptional

Perspective Shifting

Inventing Backwards Then Forwards

Plotting Forward

High Performance Creativity

Harnessing Conflict

Honing Creativity into Innovation

Read how we partnered with Angus to help Faire accelerate their innovation

Faire Case Study

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