He not busy being born is busy dying – Bob Dylan

Ever since I first had to craft whimsical epithets for my brand new Facebook page around 2006 (it took a while to reach South Africa) I have always included something about human potential.

As my career evolved in the field of corporate training, I began to study the concept deeply, and have become convinced that we are all born with unlimited potential to do almost anything we want. 

This is my purpose in life, and the driving force behind the culture of Curious Lion.

This purpose is what drives me to live a curious life centered around learning and self-actualization.

Below is a collection of the big ideas that serve as both the cornerstones of my belief and the milestones on the journey of continuous learning toward self-improvement.

Abraham Maslow defined self-actualization as our ability to become the best version of ourself.

“What a man can be, he must be.”

The beauty of this theory is that it is dependent on the individual. Each of us has unique potential.

According to Maslow, those that self-actualize have an intrinsic motivation to do so and share certain characteristics: curiosity; creativity; autonomy; objectivity; concern for humanity; acceptance of themselves and others; and the ability to frequently achieve peak performance or moments of joy and transcendence. 

Below is a map of those characteristics, with recommended reading links throughout for further exploration. I created this for myself as a guide for achieving my goals. Hopefully, you will find it useful too.

Maslov’s 7 Characteristics for Self Actualization

Once you make a conscious choice to be the determined, creative force in your own life, your life is changed forever: opportunities appear; successful projects lead to other successful projects, and the practice of being true to your purpose becomes more and more effortless. 

It just flows.

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