Virtual Learning Weeks

Client and content partner collaboration

The Challenge

Pain Points Before Partnering

2020 disrupted the world in more ways than anyone can imagine. Our client approached us with a burning desire to not let COVID-19 stop learning and growth opportunities for their company.

Their challenge was that they had already scoped out a series of Learning Weeks to be conducted across their global offices to prepare new managers for the rapid growth the company was going through. At the last minute they needed to pivot, and they needed to do it fast.

Our Approach

Getting Curious About Our Clients

The brief was clear – the client was rolling out Learning Weeks and targeting learning sprints once a quarter. The goal was for all employees to gain access to content, experiences, tools, and peer-learning all for their growth and development so they can return to their jobs and deliver to customers with a little more insight and inspiration.

We knew we had to learn about our client’s business quickly, and so we spent hours on Zoom getting to know each other.

Zooming to get to know each other

We knew we had to be agile – build, deliver, measure, learn, repeat.

The Solution

The Curious Lion Way

Iterating constantly, and in a period of 6 weeks, we:

  • Built slick pre-session micro-videos and post-session checklists for new manager fundamentals training.
  • Converted live onboarding content into 3 animated videos.
  • Created facilitator guides to train HRBPs on manager fundamental training content.

We had two major takeaways from this project:

  1. Give each other room to move when scoping work. As any good learning leader knows, learning needs change all the time. We want to be able to adapt and change with our clients so they don’t feel pressure to stick with an approach that was agreed upon months prior. The COVID-19 chaos wss a perfect example of this.
  2. Empower the team of your client so that they can do better and work better. Sometimes this means replacing you. That’s ok. That’s what you want, to build up their skills to be able to do what you do. Trust that if you’re doing a good enough job at this, there will be plenty of other ways you can continue to support.

Client Feedback

“Curious Lion is helping us sprint by working in the background.”


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