Curious Lion and Teachable: A Partnership

Reimagining training and translating a learning program onto the Teachable platform.

The Request

Curious Lion is known to be an expert partner in creating transformational learning experiences. Our unique, thoughtful learning approach and our ability to create excellent content were exactly what Teachable needed to navigate this project. They asked us to help them build a course with a content creator to be delivered on their platform. 

We were brought in after the project commenced because our client knew, through their relationship with Andrew Barry and his work, that we are best equipped to create impactful and engaging courses under extraordinary circumstances. 

The Challenge


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This project consisted of a lot of moving parts. Not only did we produce the learning materials, but we also ran the project management: 

  • We streamlined communications, handling all comms between stakeholders
  • We easily navigated timezone logistics, ensuring there was always open and clear communication among our team, Teachable, and the content creator’s team
  • We delivered top-quality content with a short turn-around time
  • We anticipated our client’s unconsidered needs and provided solutions before problems could arise

Teachable initiated the project with the content creator and their team and looked to us for our expertise and experience working with specialized content creators. Much of the content already existed, so a large part of the exercise was to curate the learning experience.

Adding Value

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Our goal was to provide Teachable with all the assets they needed to “plug and play” the course on their platform. We helped the content creator to crystallize the course map, building in a hybrid synchronous-asynchronous mode of delivery. We navigated the desires of the content creator and the needs of Teachable, acting as a conduit between them and final delivery.

We created:

  • The course map
  • Live sessions
  • Slide decks
  • Co-working sessions 
  • Community engagement opportunities
  • Quizzes 
  • Worksheets
  • Assignments

The Outcome

Feedback from the course participants was overwhelmingly positive, especially regarding the design of the live sessions. This is something we’re really proud of. We believe in the power of the learning community – creating opportunities for learners to connect and learn from each other is key in our work.

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While this project was an outlier for both us and Teachable, what made it successful was a flexible, growth-mindset approach. The outcome was a successful course for the content creator, a happy and satisfied Teachable – and most importantly, engaged and excited learners who underwent a transformational learning experience.

We’re all about going above and beyond the brief on paper and delivering results that surprise and delight our clients. And this time was no different. Teachable were over the moon with the level of attention to detail in the assets we produced for the program.

You exceeded expectations! The fact that you have multiple team members made it feel like everything was under control. And your efficiency on time and flexibility was really valuable. With the unique nature of the project, you handled everything with grace. You guys were life savers! – Teachable

Providing Solutions

Whatever your training or eLearning needs, Curious Lion takes pride in creating and delivering the most thoughtful and meaningful solutions that will help you cultivate a culture of learning within your organization.

Want to learn more? Contact us to see how we can help you achieve the transformational change you’re looking for.

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