Curious Lion and PagerDuty: Devotion to Adding Value

How we transformed an internal values video for PagerDuty into an inspirational message championing customer devotion.

Getting to the Core of the Problem

PagerDuty updated their internal company values. They approached us looking for a way to share their new values in a clear, coherent, and engaging way. We collaborated to create a video with a shift in perspective and an undeniable core message.

The Challenge

PagerDuty experienced a hurdle after they initially rolled out their updated values. Their employees were not on the same page regarding the key message. When asked, various employees described the company values in different ways.

PagerDuty wanted to inspire employees, eliminate confusion, and align each person with their new company values.

Adding Value

Our approach to the video differed from the one originally requested by PagerDuty. Instead of only naming and defining the values, we proposed a shift in how we framed the video. We planned to put a face to the people that the employees at PagerDuty help every day simply by doing their job.

A 3x4 collage of PagerDuty representatives and clients

We requested client testimonials from PagerDuty and compiled clips for the intro to the video that would resonate with employees.

We wanted them to feel a sense of pride by showing them why their customers love PagerDuty – the company, the product, and the people.

Employee types on his laptop at a desk accompanied by happy cartoons

From here, the path forward was clear: explain how each of PagerDuty’s values helps employees deliver exceptional products and services before outlining each of the values.

Five-tile comic strip of multicolored cartoon characters

We used each value to ask employees an important question to get them thinking about how they could use these relevant traits to help them better serve their customers. 

The Outcome

The video was very well-received at PagerDuty. Employees and managers described it as fun, clear, and informative. They loved the style and the opportunity to listen to what their customers had to say about their work.

A laptop displays cartoon colleagues meeting virtually

“Curious Lion does the work necessary to understand our business culture in order to create the best products possible and just as crucially, they understand learning theory and actually amplify our people development with their products.”

– Zach Wordes, Senior Program Manager, Global New Hire Experiences  

Providing Solutions

Cartoon with glasses on a park bench reads a green book titled "Take the Lead by Taking Risks"

Whatever your training or eLearning needs, Curious Lion takes pride in creating and delivering the most thoughtful and meaningful solutions to help you cultivate a culture of learning within your organization.

Want to learn more? Contact us to see how we can help you achieve the transformational change you want.

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