Employee Onboarding

Animated employee onboarding

The Challenge

Pain Points Before Partnering

Our client approached us in year 2 of their role in charge of talent development. They wanted to keep the momentum of a successful year one but faced a lean team and a limited budget.

The company was growing rapidly and had more learners around the world, in more time zones, and more offices. They could no longer be in every classroom, office, and room with each learner all the time, in real-time. They needed to scale. To them scaling meant prioritizing, shifting focus, relentlessly solving for various learners, and learning how to continuously improve without losing what has already been built.

They had heard about blending learning, video learning, and microlearning, and now they needed to build more of this into their virtual-led experience by offering pre- and post-session content to give them time back to focus on learning experiences that required their actual human presence.

Our Approach

Getting Curious About Our Clients

The brief was simple enough: create 6 animated videos to pre-train employees on culture and processes for day-to-day skills they needed: interviewing, giving feedback, etc.

We specialize in creating custom content like this so I felt confident we could do it well. In what format does this content currently exist, I asked the client.

Usually, we get various manuals and slide decks, disparate but dense with information. We excel at bringing it all together. This time would be different though. The client’s answer to me: in my head.

What happened next was the most fun my team and I had all year.

Our client would consolidate their thoughts into a slide deck and record themselves narrating a stream-of-consciousness flow of ideas about how it all fits together. We were the learners and our client was the instructor, recording mini-sessions for us to interpret, reimagine, and eventually recast as a character-based series of animations.

The Solution

The Curious Lion Way

We created a world of 14 recurring characters who’s journey mirrored that of employees of our client.

We watched them develop skills for coaching each other and conducting effective meetings, for interviewing new hires, and planning out their own careers.

The mark of a successful project is when our client looks like a hero and we’re off to the side.

Hearing the feedback they were getting from across the organization as this world of characters came to life made me realize we had achieved just that.

Client Feedback

“For the first time, it was great to speak to my content and BOOM!, they were in my head and producing videos that captured the essence of our learning contents and culture.”

Employee Onboarding example

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