Pinterest Interview


July 2023

The Problem

To deliver high-level interview training to Pinterest’s global teams in a manner that aligned all the departments across the organization. A linked key business objective was to integrate Pinterest’s Inclusion and Diversity strategy to interview training.

The Roadblock

The Pinterest project team was distributed across various departments and locations across the globe. As a result, finding a middle ground in regards to content (being too specific vs being too high-level) and remaining focused on the project’s purpose was a challenge.

The Process

We worked closely with the Pinterest team to ensure that the correct high-level content was reduced and collated.

Then during the course-making process we:

1. Curated content that had global relevance to the hiring process 

Goal – create a ‘one-team mentality’ around interviewing and hiring

2. Worked closely with stakeholders across teams to encourage and document process-related decision-making

Goal – streamline the interview and hiring process

3. Consulted with the HR, I&D, and Legal departments to ensure the right message was shared

Goal – instill Pinterest’s hiring principles and philosophies into learning

4. Identified content relevant to different audiences and created a stand-alone module for Hiring Managers

Goal – target Interviewers and Hiring Managers

At the end of the process Pinterest’s Interview Training course consisted of 3 modules aimed at Interviewers and 1 module aimed at Hiring Managers.

The Solution

A transformational experience for Pinterest as an organization in terms of:

alignment across global Pinterest,

understanding that the processes are aimed at creating an equitable experience for all Candidates,

predictability from one step to the next.

The Reaction

“ short I LOVED IT!! So happy with the images, palette selection and tone. I feel like you really captured the Pinterest feel…/…overall so thrilled to see this come to life and feeling very excited about it!!! Massive thank you for all your hard work in getting us to this point!”

“...your guidance was very helpful in redirecting (internal stakeholders) back to the mission”

“Legal and the I&D team was extremely impressed with content and delivery.”

“there was a ‘we’ (Curious Lion and Pinterest) mentality in this initiative and I really appreciate that”

curious lion
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