New manager cohort not on the same page with old habits from previous companies.

The Background

The program focused on providing new managers with a clear understanding of their roles, responsibilities, company culture, and expectations during their first 30, 60, and 90 days at Pinterest.

The Business Goal

The goal of this training was to:

Accelerate new manager onboarding and acclimation within the first 90 days at Pinterest

Create clear manager expectations at Pinterest

Familiarize managers with Pinterest’s processes, tools, and resources

Develop foundational manager skills that could be applied right away

Build a community and support network for managers across Pinterest

The Challenges

The creation of this onboarding program was a mammoth undertaking:

The highly customized nature of the program meant that off-the-shelf training simply did not exist.

Knowledge resided with SMEs scattered from across the company.

Individuals, both new and experienced, came from various backgrounds and needed to be aligned on Pinterest’s methodologies and processes.

The Approach

Working closely with our partners at Pinterest, we crafted a program structured specifically to mirror a new manager’s journey through their first 30, 60 and 90 days at Pinterest. 

The program included:

Interactive eLearnings to expose learners to the knowledge, skills, processes and resources needed in their role.

Workbooks to promote reflection and application.

Live sessions taking participants through key concepts.

Breakout rooms to workshop unfamiliar concepts.

Prompts to take action on and implement key learnings into their daily roles.

Peer circle meetings to discuss and reflect on the stipulated call to actions.

The Result

Pinterest now has a thoughtful and well structured onboarding program. This valuable asset contains all the information a new manager would need in their first 90 days which they can revisit at any time.

The program quickly ramps up new manager skills and knowledge and introduces them to the processes they need to follow.

It helps create connections and a support system for new managers in their first 90 days.

The program is a roadmap for new managers to follow contributing to the confidence as they begin their new role.

The Reaction

“I’m always skeptical of consultants, because in my mind I’m like “I can do this myself’ but it was such a massive undertaking – we needed you! You reassured me on the return on investment. You made me see that, so good job!” Quote me because I want everyone to know - you all did a great job!"

“You don’t get that level of service from vendors after you’ve received a product. You guys kept that momentum going to make sure we had the best learning experience possible”

“The learners that completed the eLearning really enjoyed the experience – it was very thorough, they had the links to everything, they were able to download everything, so really, really great stuff!”

Every conversation we had felt like you were just there to be of service, you’re smart – you know what you’re talking about. You know what you’re doing! That’s a great combination when it comes to a partnership.”

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