Existing manager training fragmented, no culture of peer coaching

The Problem

PagerDuty recognized the importance of the managerial role and its critical contribution to team success. Their existing manager training initiatives were fragmented, and lacked cohesion. There was also no strong culture of peer coaching or mentoring between senior leaders and junior talent. 

The Roadblock

Off-the-shelf training solutions for this unique managerial program simply did not exist. Converting the live sessions into a highly effective asynchronous learning program required comprehensive curation of relevant content from across various sources within the company to ensure its effectiveness and impact.

The Process

Working closely with our partners at PagerDuty, we crafted a consolidated program that exposed learners to the knowledge, skills, processes and resources needed in their role. 

We broke the learning program into 5 parts:

1. Team Culture

Goal – Build psychologically safe team environments with inclusive behaviors, habits and agreements with PagerDuty’s cultural values in mind.

2. Team Enablement

Goal – Create effective onboarding processes and plans for new employees that extend across days 1 to 90.

3. Team Performance

Goal – Execute communication structures, i.e. 1:1s and team meetings and create continuous feedback dialogues.

4. Team Growth

Goal – Invest in the team’s development through resource, organizational planning, capability building and career development.

5. Team Accountability

Goal – Utilize systems and processes that drive performance to retain and engage teams.

The Solution

Client reported:

A high level of engagement was reported, showcasing the program’s effectiveness in attracting and equipping both employees and managers with essential skills and knowledge which ultimately contribute to PagerDuty’s improved efficiency and performance.

Following the completion of the training, managers have conveyed a significantly improved grasp of their expected roles and responsibilities which has led to more effective leadership and streamlined operations within the business.

Employees have reported increased confidence levels and have expressed the ease in which they are applying their newly acquired knowledge to their daily tasks.

98% of learners indicated that they would recommend the learning program to their peers.

The Reaction

"Curious Lion are people people. I have a very small team, and Curious Lion became an extension of it, helping me execute on some of our learning deliverables with quality and speed. If you want a partner who knows what great looks like, Curious Lion can help you build the learning culture you need to scale skills for the future."

"Shoutout to the entire crew – they did a fantastic job! This was a very good program, and everything was clear and understood. I was able to form many close relationships during the sessions."

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