Mastering Focus for Performance (On-Demand)


October 2023

The Background

IMG Academy+ provides expert mental performance coaching to student-athletes at their Bradenton campus. This mental performance coaching program aims to improve student-athletes’ confidence, resilience, and their ability to focus.

The Business Case

In 2022, Curious Lion, in collaboration with IMG Academy+ subject matter experts, crafted a hybrid course: Mastering Focus for Performance. This course achieved significant success, engaging over 50 student-athletes.

Moving into 2023, Curious Lion, again in partnership with IMG Academy+ SMEs, created a highly successful on-demand iteration of a prior hybrid course, this time focusing on confidence.

Building on these achievements, IMG Academy+ aspired to expand the reach of the Mastering Focus for Performance course, targeting a broader and more diverse international audience.

The Solution

Recognizing the limitations of a hybrid format for a large-scale online course, we undertook a comprehensive redesign, to adapt the previous hybrid course into an on-demand format.

 In alignment with IMG Academy+’s business objectives, the primary goals were to:

  1. Reach a wider, more international audience.  
  2. Continue to build IMG Academy+’s reputation as a thought leader in the field of mental performance.

Our learning goals for student-athletes were to:

  1. Foster a commitment to prioritize mental performance training with the same dedication as physical training.  
  2. Enhance the capacity to effectively concentrate on multiple tasks simultaneously.
  3. Master practical focus-building skills such as attentional cues and mindfulness.

Together with subject matter experts at IMG Academy+, we developed a 5-module learning experience that included:

Interactive eLearnings to convey foundational focus knowledge in an easy-to-digest format.

Practice prompts within the eLearnings to enable student-athletes to practice their learnings on the field.

An interactive workbook to promote reflection and application.

A course community to promote discussion and collaboration between student-athletes around the globe. Additionally, the course community allowed student-athletes to ask Dr. Greg Young (SME) questions directly.

The Business Impact

IMG Academy+ found this course so valuable that it is already being launched to thousands of students this coming fall. 6 universities and colleges across the globe are also in the process of buying it, which is a testament to how we meet and continue to exceed IMG Academy+’s expectations.

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