Digital transformation as the result of a merger created a skills gap.

The Background

Alight Delivery Executives (DEs) are accountable for supporting ongoing service delivery for Alight’s largest and most complex clients.

The role was created in 2020 as the “face of the company” as part of a large-scale transformation and shift towards a “tech-forward” approach

Alight’s digital transformation is part of an effort to eliminate siloed offerings and develop tech-enabled value solutions to clients.

The Business Goal

An employee survey in 2021 revealed that DEs required more support and training in order to successfully meet the challenges they faced. 

The goal of this training was to:

Provide greater support to the DEs to increase employee engagement

Provide customized content which developed skills for the unique requirements and challenges of the role

Integrate the content with existing training for DEs

The Challenges

Off-the-shelf training did not exist for this unique role due to the fact that:

The role was in a state of flux along with the company’s strategic goals and initiatives.

Individuals, both new and experienced, came from various backgrounds.

Skills were not evenly distributed across the department.

The Approach

Our goals were to:

Abstract best practices from top performers

Outline principles and guidelines to adapt to diverse work contexts

Provide an outside perspective from experts within a focused field of study

Foster collaboration and peer-to-peer learning

Encourage self-analysis and personal accountability

Create evergreen content

Together with subject matter experts at Alight, we developed a 9-month learning experience.  

Each monthly sprint centered around one topic and included:

Interactive elearnings to pre-train DEs on principles and mental models.

Workbooks to promote reflection and application.

Prompts to develop case studies from real-world challenges for group discussion.

Live sessions to hear from panels of experts and discuss case studies.

Breakout rooms to workshop client challenges in small groups.

Prompts to take action on client engagements based on learnings in the sprint.

The Result

Alight now has a reusable foundation and repository of tools and resources to ramp up new hire skills.Higher levels of confidence were noticed by managers, especially in areas such as strategic analysis.

Personal connections developed in the live sessions resulted in increased knowledge sharing between DEs  new and experienced in the role.

The program reinforced key leadership messaging which helped shape the transformation of the role.

DEs received recognition for their contribution, as the program provided opportunities for top leadership to express their appreciation and gratitude.

The Reaction

“(Curious Lion) has adapted and partnered, was creative on the fly, listening with the intention of really trying to hear what we wanted to achieve. I couldn't have thought of a better partner!”

“(Alight leadership) definitely views it as an asset and references it often. We've put a lot of value on this as an organization.”

Here’s what a few other DEs had to say about the program:

“By me listening, pausing, and not jumping ahead, I was able to really develop my client relationship better.”

“During a breakout session, my colleagues were able to help me solve a challenge I’ve been having with a particularly difficult client.”

“Through hearing from experienced DEs, I was inspired and able to change my perspective of how I approached certain roadblocks.”

“I became a better listener by the training, and I was able to help my client gain $100,000 credit on their postage.”

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