New leadership team lacking connection and the ability to strategize together.

The Problem

The C-suite team at Alberici underwent significant change with new members joining and existing members leaving. This created a growing sense of friction in the new leadership team.

The Roadblock

The team found it difficult to establish deeper connections with each other, leading to challenges in communication and a lack of understanding of different perspectives. A dedicated time was needed for the team to reconnect with one another in a space where they felt comfortable to do so.

The Process

We collaborated with the client to develop a company retreat for the leadership team. 

The primary goals of this retreat were to (1) enhance team relationships by focusing on connection, reflection, and engagement and (2) energize the team by helping them develop Adaptive Intelligence.

We flew the team to Arizona, and kicked off a program that accomplished three things:

1. Embracing vulnerability

Goal – deepen connections by cultivating a more profound understanding of each person on a deeper level

2. Giving & receiving feedback

Goal: learn to use the perspectives of others to improve and grow.

3. Managing Conflict & Difficult Conversations

Goal: tap into growth from a place of discomfort

Upon completing the workshop we conducted a detailed participant survey in order to learn how to run and improve on the program we created.

The Solution

Client reported:

Increased energy and a boost in morale amongst executives

They now have a deeper appreciation for each other as individuals

They now have a feedback framework to use going forward

Increased communication and collaboration within the team

The Reaction

“Andrew and his team at Curious Lion were wonderful collaborators on a program that we designed & delivered for Alberici. They were professional and a pleasure to work with throughout the engagement. Beyond the content of the program, the client experienced the facilitation as enhancing the team’s connection to one another. The client shared that they benefited from this retreat and that it brought them closer. Thank you Curious Lion for your partnership on this endeavor!”

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