Transforming Brex Customer Service Reps

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Brex’s Challenge

Faced with the realities of going fully remote due to the pandemic, Brex needed to transform their existing instructor-led training for Customer Experience (CX) specialist new hires into a modularized, interactive training where the new hires learn by answering customer support queries.

The course also had to get them set up and familiar with their two main tools, Salesforce and Retool.

Curious Lion Challenges

We needed to understand in detail how each tool works in their entirety with regards to CX at Brex, as well as what aspects the CX specialists needed to know regarding each component relevant to them.

Salesforce is multifaceted and constantly evolving, and the role of a CX specialist at Brex has many operational processes and functions due to the importance of their customer focus. The amount of detail to work through resulted in the scope of the discovery being larger than originally expected.

Our Approach

  • We started a process of discovery, applying a beginner’s mindset to understanding everything a Brex CX specialist would want and need to know in order to be successful at their job.
  • Once we had an outline of everything we needed to explore, we went through a series of calls to unpack the subject matter and dive deep into the details.
  • Summarizing the transcripts of the calls into notes, we created themes and main concepts that could be grouped together every time they were referenced in other calls.
  • With this, we built out a learning journey that mapped the steps someone would take towards becoming an ideal Customer Experience specialist.
  • Using real-world scenarios from Brex’s own experience operating a world-class Customer Experience function, we created learner action-oriented assignments, interactive questions and knowledge checks to get the new hires using the tools, putting what they learned into practice and taking action.

The Solution

An interactive learner guide, broken down into sections and tasks, was created in Workramp:

  • Throughout the guide, the specialists were taken on a journey from handling their first case to solving more complex scenarios they would face on a daily basis. This involved step-by-step worked examples and prompts to take action themselves. Regular knowledge checks were included for new hires to check their progress.
  • Each section started with learning objectives to be clear on the expectations and ended with a checklist for the new hire to recap and check off what they had learned.
  • The guide included an introduction into what the new hires could expect on their first day at Brex including getting set up on all the necessary tools and systems and an overview of the functions of Salesforce.
  • The content of the guide was presented in a variety of different ways to make it engaging and interactive. This included embedded videos, GIFs, audio clips, screenshots and images, visual call outs, flip cards, and Guru cards that gave more detailed information when necessary. Humor was added to break up the content and keep it entertaining while new hires worked through the guide.


Introduction Section of Learning Guide

Knowledge Checks – Varied and Interactive

New Hires Feedback

Survey comments showed that new hires “really enjoyed clicking around and putting [their] knowledge into action, loved the application questions and the problem-based questions,” and “enjoyed the immediate feedback that the guide would tell you after you answer it.”

  • The first batch of new hires gave 4.3/5 in the feedback survey. One new hire called it “the best training I’ve ever gone through.”
  • But this comment perhaps summed it up best:

“Thank you for putting this guide together! It personally made a huge difference for me since it gives you the chance to navigate to the different pages by yourself. Along with the training over Zoom I think it does a really great job of reinforcing the main learning points.”

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