Our pricing is customized based on an understanding of the scope of your particular need. We offer a free discovery call, in which we will take the time to understand your content. Based on this understanding we will present you with an estimate. You can then decide whether or not you want to carry on with the project. If you choose to carry on, we will preform a more detailed analysis of project scope and update our estimate if necessary.

No, at this stage our focus as a company is on creating truly unique training courses that reflect not only the content, but the brand and corporate values of our client.

We follow a simple course creation process that allows for rapid prototyping and includes multiple review points so that our clients are providing feedback throughout. for more detail please see how we work.

We use a scalable contractor model to allow our small core team to grow to fit the needs of our clients.

We are content agnostic. Our commitment is to spend however long it takes researching your material so that when we conduct interviews with subject matter experts, we know enough to ask the right questions and extract the knowledge in the way you’d like it to come across in your training.

Let’s Work Together

If you’ve got a big vision that needs a big training effort, we’d love to talk. We work with companies and experts across industries. Any subject can be reimagined, so let’s talk.
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