Why Quality Media Matters in Education with Mark Lassoff

Mark Lassoff

Joining me this week is Mark Lassoff.

Mark is the founder of Tech Learning Network, one of the leading video-based educational platforms around web development, mobile applications, programming, digital design, and a lot of skills that companies going through digital transformations need more and more of.

Mark’s background in the space goes back to the OG level era. Mark has taught over 2 million students online in the skills that I mentioned before and was one of the first instructors on Udemy to make over a million dollars in royalties. This guy has been there and done it. And he’s a bit of a rabble-rouser, too. So this was a fun, interesting, engaging conversation where we pushed some spiky points of view. And I think you’re going to enjoy it.

We spent a lot of time talking about video-based education and how you don’t necessarily need it, although it’s super helpful to have the two incredible studios that Mark and his team have built. But there are other ways to recreate and focus on high-quality education instruction through video means. But production value is always going to be important, especially as you scale.

We discuss:

  • The digital skills I mentioned earlier, and what tools and techniques people should think more about to bring into their workplace.
  • We look at the role traditional instructional design plays, and how, in its traditional form, it’s probably just one part of a skill set that a learning team needs.
  • I talk a lot about Learning Culture officers and the teams they need to build, and we unpack that a little bit together while looking at the role of professionals that have a media background, for example, and what role that can play in learning.
  • We talk about the role a story plays. For those of you who have listened to the episode with Angus Fletcher, you’ll know how powerful stories are. So Mark and I weave that into discussion around how we can bring stories out in video-based formats, and how to do that with subject matter experts who are not comfortable in front of a camera, or even telling stories.
  • We talk a little bit about Mark’s lessons learned from his initial explorations on TikTok, and how it might not be the platform itself that can change the way we teach companies. But perhaps there are lessons in engagement and capturing attention that Tiktok has to teach us.

So if you’re looking for ideas and inspiration on how to make your learning more engaging, more effective, if you’re looking for inspiration on what skills you should be thinking about as you start to build the skills architecture within your company, this conversation will give you a lot of great ideas.

So please sit back and enjoy my conversation with Mark Lassoff.

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Show Notes

  • Mark’s thoughts on traditional instructional design. (00:04:16-00:08:26)
  • Early tech work: Mark shares his background, experiences, opportunities, and challenges which have led him to Udemy. (00:08:27-00:14:43)
  • What makes a good video-based online education? (00:15:10-00:19:23)
  • Tips and tricks on unlocking authenticity and flow in teaching through video. (00:19:24-00:25:49)
  • We explore the trends and important factors in audience engagement within content creation. (00:25:50-00:34:11)
  • The role a story plays. (00:34:12-00:37:03)
  • The teacher and the significant role they play in the learning experience. (00:37:04-00:40:42)
  • We explore various topics: asynchronous learning, skill acquisition, reflection, and remote work. (00:40:43-00:48:20)
  • Mark’s lessons learned from his initial explorations on TikTok, and how it might not be the platform itself that can change the way we teach companies. (00:48:30-00:53:58)
  • What Tech Learning Network is all about and what’s coming up for them. (00:54:16-00:57:10)

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