Tim Stoddart on Addiction, Recovery, and Building a Business Around Your Authentic Self

Tim Stoddart on Addiction, Recovery, and Building a Business Around Your Authentic Self

Joining me this week is Tim Stoddart. Tim is the CEO of an internet marketing agency called Stodzy. He is also the owner of a blog, Sober Nation, and a partner in the website, Copyblogger. In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, Tim is also a recovered addict, with an intimate understanding of how to maintain a healthy balance between the highs and the lows of life and success.

Tim’s struggle with addiction informs so much of his identity and comes through in his work and the content he creates. This all started for him in 2010, when he created a personal blog to share his ideas. It was in writing this blog that he learned about the power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

As he continued his writing and learning, he stumbled across the work of Seth Godin, and specifically his Purple Cow idea. Tim realized that his recovery from addiction and his love for writing made him a remarkable source for others to learn from.

He never started out wanting to create an internet marketing agency or to help people with content marketing or SEO, he simply had a love for words and the desire to share his story online. That’s what fascinates me about Tim and his journey – the purity of intention.

As you hear in this conversation, we start off by answering the question that a lot of people who are unhappy in their jobs often have, when dreaming of a new career path – “How do I get started?”

We talk about:

  • the importance of finding your tribe and the collective identity that binds people together.
  • how forcing attention to something is one of the worst ways to promote it.
  • how starting your own business isn’t about what you want to do, it’s about recognizing and fulfilling a need.
  • the two components of writing: thought and honesty.
  • the tactical wisdom that Tim has built up over the years through content marketing, building an agency, and growing a business.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to come back from adversity, to forge your own path, and be doing something that you love doing on a day in and day out basis, you’ll really enjoy this conversation that I had with Tim.

Please sit back and enjoy!

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Show Notes

  • The memories that make us. Tim shares recollections from his childhood and digs into why he decided to start doing what he loves. (00:03:28-00:08:30)
  • Parental perspective. Tim expresses his deep appreciation for his parents, which grew when he became a father himself. (00:08:39-00:11:52)
  • The perils of addiction. Tim shares his experience as a recovered addict – how he thinks his addictive patterns began, and how they still manifest in different ways today. (00:11:54-00:15:21)
  • The curse becomes a gift. Tim speaks on the healthy manifestations of his unique attributes and how he effectively deals with it on a daily basis. (00:15:22-00:17:08)
  • Tim’s view of his work – what he loves about it, and how his traits have helped him build his business. (00:17:13-00:20:00)
  • We talk about Tim’s love and passion for writing, unpacking the inspiration behind how it all started. (00:20:01-00:24:29)
  • From sobriety to notoriety. How Tim reacted when people started to find him online. (00:24:50-00:25:56)
  • The art of writing and how it became his starting point. (00:25:57-00:28:28)
  • Tim talks about Copyblogger, a content marketing website he helped found and set up. (00:28:29-00:30:58)
  • Reaching for the stars keeps you on your toes. Tim walks us through the story of building Sober Nation and the lessons he learned along the way. (00:30:59-00:34:50)
  • One is all, all is one. Tim’s thoughts on the idea of collective identity and collective unconscious. (00:34:52-00:38:02)
  • The story and inspiration behind Sober Nation, the importance of being unique when starting a business, and how it provides value to your clients. (00:38:03-00:43:34)
  • Understanding the landscape of content marketing and the importance of listening to the customer’s needs. (00:43:35-00:46:01)
  • Eyes on the prize. We discuss how easy it is to lose your way, and the necessity of keeping the end goal in mind. (00:46:02-00:48:01)
  • Tap into your strengths. Tim discusses how his natural strategic senses and personal drive have helped him market his business. (00:48:03-00:50:16)
  • Tim shares his thoughts on the three pillars of content marketing. (00:50:17-00:52:37)
  • Tim’s copywriting inspirations and recommendations. (00:52:38-00:53:45)
  • We talk about the influence Tim has had on the domain of direct response marketing as a strategy. (00:53:49-00:56:00)
  • Tim talks about Agency Clarity, his transformational online course. (00:56:01-00:58:56)
  • Agency vs Freelancer. (00:58:57-1:02:09)
  • Tim talks about the biggest takeaway from his course – learning how to create scalability of workflow. (1:02:10-1:03:56)
  • The power of will. Tim shares his feelings on the relentless inner strength of people in recovery or struggling with addiction. (1:03:57-1:07:20)
  • We are all each other. The significance of connecting with people and making an impact in their lives. (1:07:28-1:08:44)
  • The song that best describes Tim. (1:09:10-1:09:46)
  • Where to get in touch with Tim and what to watch out for. (1:09:52-1:10:51)

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