The Wu-Wei of Sales Enablement with Nick Lawrence

Joining me this week is Nick Lawrence.

For new listeners, the Learning Culture podcast is a space to explore the art and science of what I call “Total Enablement.”

Total Enablement entails creating the conditions for learning to happen – creating an ecosystem where learning is the default state at your company.

And joining me this week was a guest who really gets it, who thinks deeply and writes about this idea himself.

I’ve really enjoyed following Nick’s LinkedIn posts; he really gets it.

We cover so many topics:

  • The problem of learning as an event.
  • Why we should conceptualize learning as an ongoing, holistic system.
  • The role that events still play in that system.
  • How to break the seller journey into stages or workflows.
  • The CCAF model and framing for how to construct content.
  • Motivation and Dan Pink’s book.
  • Social learning.
  • The longevity of the seller role, and what we can do to influence that.

This episode is an instance of two people arriving at the same conclusions from different angles and having a good time doing it.

You’ll enjoy it, too.

So please sit back, relax, and tune in to my episode with Nick Lawrence.

Full Episode

Guest Links

Show Notes

  • Learning as an event vs. learning as a process. (00:03:42-00:07:12)
  • Learning as a continuous, holistic system. (00:07:13-00:12:25)
  • Breaking the seller journey into stages or workflows. (00:12:26-00:20:10)
  • The CCAF model and constructing content. (00:20:11-00:25:37)
  • Career development and how it fits into the system. (00:26:16-00:31:41)
  • Motivation, autonomy, and tacit knowledge. (00:31:42-00:36:37)
  • Social learning. (00:36:38-00:39:05)
  • The “Wu Wei” of sales enablement. (00:39:06-00:43:29)
  • What does learning culture mean to Nick? (00:43:30-00:45:19)
  • What is he learning about nowadays? (00:45:20-00:47:20)
  • Nick’s final message to our listeners. (00:47:21-00:49:04)

Selected Links from the Episode

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