The Team Whisperer with Lia Garvin

The Team Whisperer with Lia Garvin

Today, we have a special guest, the renowned “Team Whisperer” Lia Garvin, who brings her extensive experience from tech giants like Microsoft, Apple, and Google to the table.

In this episode, we dive into Lia’s groundbreaking three-part ops playbook designed to revolutionize team dynamics and business operations. She shares invaluable insights on the importance of implementing this playbook, ensuring team support versus simply focusing on outputs, and fostering an ownership mindset across organizations.

We’ll explore how Lia’s unique approach addresses the often-overlooked aspects of team communication, feedback mechanisms, and psychological safety—all crucial elements for building alignment and accountability. Lia also sheds light on her transition from Google to launching her own business, driven by a mission to support smaller enterprises. Additionally, we’ll discuss the critical role of managers as coaches and the power of open-ended questions in driving team success.

Tune in for a conversation packed with practical strategies, real-world examples, and a look at the evolving cultures within tech companies. Join us as we navigate the challenges and opportunities in creating a thriving, cohesive team environment.

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Show Notes

  • [02:56 — 04:37] Lia’s insights on team building.
  • [04:38 — 10:12] Engineering organizations focus on teamwork and collaboration.
  • [10:13 — 12:05] More support needed for diverse training approaches.
  • [12:06 — 16:38] Coaching and mentoring essential at all levels.
  • [16:39 — 18:52] Improved team tracking led to project success.
  • [18:53 — 21:48] Struggle to build alignment and frustration around it.
  • [21:49 — 25:45] Lack of accountability affects team dynamics.
  • [25:46 — 27:14] Connecting business priorities, individual expectations, performance evaluation.
  • [27:15 — 31:33] Influence pride, shift perspectives, align evaluations with goals.
  • [31:34 — 33:58] Inspired to change how work gets done.
  • [33:59 — 38:45] Gathering feedback, supporting small businesses, translating vision.
  • [38:46 — 39:57] Emphasize implementation over just discussing ideas.
  • [39:58 — 41:37] Where you can find Lia on social media.

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