The State of Enablement with Samantha Strom

This is a show about how to create cultures of continuous learning at companies. Joining me this week is Samantha Strom.

Sam is an Enablement Consultant, formerly an enablement leader at companies like Salesforce, Unity, Autodesk, and Gem.

She’s one of the many who have suffered through the layoffs. Her last role at Gem was cut, and she has landed on her feet as an Enablement Consultant working with various companies in different consulting gigs.

We’re also exploring some pretty exciting projects to work on together; she’s part of a group that we’re doing this with.

We reference that group a bit in the episode, as well as more to come from both of us.

This conversation was a lot of fun if you are thinking about the current state of enablement. And let’s be honest, who isn’t?

Who isn’t thinking about the market, the layoffs, and companies’ responses to our uncertainty about the economy? Sam and I dig deep in this episode.

We explore the goings-on of the market, we share our theses for what we’re seeing, and then chat about what role enablement can play in all this.

Obviously, enablement roles are some of the most common that are cut.

We also discuss:

  • Sam’s three-part model around building, maintaining, and expanding, which helps us see where enablement fits in for companies that find themselves needing to cut back.
  • Examples of the immense value that enablement brings in.
  • What Sam sees and what it means for enablement to evolve from an order-taking role to a more strategic role.
  • Tips on getting the most out of enablement, whether your company is building a team internally, or you’re hiring consultants.
  • How Sam specifically builds trust in herself as an enabler.
  • How to level the playing field within your revenue organization as a whole: ensuring that you’re not just moving top performers forward, but you’re also bringing bottom performers up.

This was a great episode, and I had a lot of fun recording with Sam. I think you’ll have fun listening, too.

So please sit back, relax, and enjoy my episode with Sam Strom.

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Show Notes

  • Our theses on the current state of the market, layoffs, and the response of companies to these. (00:04:01-00:07:10)
  • The role enablement can play in the current market situation. (00:07:11-00:08:39)
  • The three-part model around building, maintaining and expanding. (00:08:40-00:12:39)
  • The value enablement brings, plus some great examples of it. (00:12:40-00:24:40)
  • The enablement function: from being an order-taker to becoming a more strategic role. (00:24:41-00:29:01)
  • Tips on how to get the most out of enablement. (00:29:02-00:32:09)
  • How Sam develops trust in herself and others as an enabler. (00:32:10-00:33:52)
  • Topics we’re currently learning about. (00:33:53-00:39:10)
  • The “whys” behind the things we love doing. (00:39:11-00:42:17)
  • Where you can find Sam on social media. (00:42:18-00:42:34)

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