The Romantic View of Sales with Mike Macchiarelli

Joining me this week is Mike Macchiarelli.

Mike is the Head of Revenue Enablement at Modus.

Before that, he was a seller at Equinox and at Modus. He hasn’t officially been in the enablement role for too long but has been doing enablement for pretty much his whole career.

That’s something I think many of you listening can relate to.

This was a really fun episode for me; I got to geek out about sports with Mike, who is as obsessed as I am. We use sport as an analogy for building a sales team. One of the things you’ll realize from listening to this conversation is that Mike has a romantic view of sales, which was unexpected and really interesting. I dug a lot deeper into that, and we pulled out some fascinating and useful ideas.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How sales is like an active sport, and how easy it is to lose the muscle memory of selling.
  • How important it is to be a servant leader as an enabler.
  • How sales is really about facilitating change, and that every sales moment is a precious moment.
  • How to handle impostor syndrome in your sales team.
  • Why it’s not just about top performers, but winning together and how that impacts turnover.
  • The importance of state management, or in other words – the mindsets and behaviors of your sales team.
  • How to make people feel like they’re part of something bigger.

We also dive into Mike’s top priorities and challenges for the year. There are tons here for you to take into your role and into developing people in your organization.

So please, sit back, relax, and enjoy my episode with Mike Macchiarelli.

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Show Notes

  • How and why Mike was drawn into the enablement space. (00:03:31-00:10:37)
  • Sales is like an active sport, and it’s easy to lose the muscle memory of selling. (00:10:38-00:13:13)
  • It’s important to be a servant leader as an enabler. (00:13:14-00:14:34)
  • Every sales moment is precious. (00:14:35-00:18:19)
  • Impostor syndrome and handling failure. (00:18:20-00:24:37)
  • Winning together and how it impacts turnover. (00:25:16-00:30:29)
  • State management is crucial. (00:30:30-00:35:00)
  • Finding your tribe. (00:35:01-00:36:24)
  • Mike’s current priorities and challenges, and his approach to them. (00:36:25-00:41:54)
  • What is he reading/learning about now? (00:41:55-00:43:13)
  • Why does Mike do what he does? (00:43:14-00:45:32)
  • Mike’s final message to our listeners, and where you can connect with him. (00:45:33-00:46:28)

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