The Learner Path Mindset with Steve Bousquet

Steve Bousquet

Joining me this week is Steve Bousquet.

Steve is the President of American Landscape and Lawn Science, a lawn care and landscape business based in Connecticut. Many of you might be thinking, that’s an interesting guest for an episode about Learning Culture. And that’s exactly what I thought when I first met Steve.

We met two weeks before the recording of this episode at a conference called Small Giants, which is a meeting of purpose-driven business leaders to discuss learning, growth, and relationships – and that is the theme of our conversation. I love learning from people in industries I’m not familiar with and Steve taught me a lot about learner mindsets in a business.

In this episode, you’ll learn about how it all starts; as I’d often say, with personal transformation. Steve is a self-professed learning nerd who never hesitates to hire a coach or to get a certification in something that he thinks could help him in what he set out to do.

We’ll then unpack important lessons about the Learner Path Mindset that Steve has instilled in his team of 30 people. It covers communication styles, leveraging strengths, the growth mindset, and of course, purpose. Steve also shares some practical tools to use to enhance these four areas of your business to promote and enable people. Sometimes you have to look at a business entirely different from your own to see paths and principles that make sense and that can be applied to the situation you face.

I left my conversation with Steve with that realization and several ideas that I want to apply at Curious Lion. I have no doubt that you will leave with some very practical takeaways from this conversation.

So please sit back and enjoy this episode with Steve Bousquet.

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Show Notes

  • Background on Steve’s company, American Landscape and Lawn Science. (00:03:30-00:05:47)
  • Steve’s personal learning transformation. (00:05:48-00:08:12)
  • A story of personal and professional development. (00:08:13-00:10:28)
  • The Learner Path Mindset. (00:10:29-00:13:19)
  • Managing a learning organization: early stages. (00:13:20-00:14:40)
  • Ideas for instilling motivation. (00:14:41-00:16:46)
  • Incorporating the Learner Lath Mindset with his own team – systems used, lessons learned. (00:16:47-00:26:55)
  • Benefits of working with complementary strengths. (00:26:56-00:29:23)
  • Enhancing four areas of your business to promote and enable people. (00:30:04-00:33:09)
  • Overcoming implementation challenges. (00:33:10-00:34:57)
  • Measuring ROI and retention rates. (00:34:58-00:42:03)
  • Learn more about Steve and his business on his website and social channels. (00:42:04-00:44:07)

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