The Habits and Rituals for Continuous Learning with Jen Collins

Joining me this week is Jen Collins.

Jen is the Director of Academy Enablement at Learn In, a talent academy platform that was recently acquired by Degreed, one of the largest players in the ed tech space.

Jen and I connected on LinkedIn a while back, kept in touch through the platform, and found a common passion for all things continuous learning.

Things got weird at the end of this episode. Jen told me that she was recently facilitating a live event about careers in talent development, wherein they had to set goals as an example for the people that were attending. One of her goals was to be on a talent development podcast. The very next day, I reached out to her.

If that isn’t a sign of synchronicity of the universe conspiring to make this happen, then I don’t know what it is.

It played out into a fantastic episode, focused on one particular topic. It was also inspired by a LinkedIn post of hers about a concept I talk a lot about: that training is not only an event – it is learning as a continuous process.

Jen posted something that followed a model of reflect, practice, and apply, and it really resonated with my Circle of Learning. We went into that deeply and unpacked practical, tactical habits and rituals that Jen set up at a previous company.

Example: when people go to conferences, how can they get the most out of them and attain the holy grail for learning teams—user-generated content?

If this sounds interesting, please sit back, relax, and enjoy my episode with Jen Collins.

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Show Notes

  • What do continuous learning and learning culture mean to Jen? (00:03:03-00:06:06)
  • Her view on training, and how it is not only an event. (00:06:07-00:07:55)
  • The habits and rituals for a mindset of learning and growing. (00:07:56-00:11:11)
  • How a team or business can maximize conferences and use them to develop accountability, learning, and skills. (00:11:12-00:19:19)
  • Reflection: Jen’s first step to deep skill-building for learning programs. (00:19:20-00:26:32)
  • Practice and its significance in an individual’s learning experience. (00:27:13-00:31:10)
  • Application and how it differs from practice. (00:31:11-00:32:32)
  • Outcome measurement. (00:32:33-00:36:26)
  • What is Jen reading/learning about now? (00:36:27-00:40:02)
  • Why does Jen do what she does? (00:40:03-00:41:51)
  • Where you can find her on social media. (00:41:52-00:42:39)

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