The Customer Education Playbook with Daniel Quick

The Customer Education Playbook with Daniel Quick

Joining me this week is Daniel Quick.

Daniel is the SVP for Learning Strategies at Thought Industries, a platform for customer education. He is also the author of a new book called The Customer Education Playbook, and much of our conversation revolves around the ideas that Daniel and his co-author share in the book.

I went into this conversation prepared, but still with massive blind spots on what customer education truly is. What I learned from speaking to Daniel is that this is to be expected, because the field of customer education is fresh and newly emerging. It’s a bit of a mixture of instructional design, marketing, entrepreneurship, and research.

In our conversation, you’ll learn about:

  • Connecting directly with the problem, because as Daniel said, “People don’t buy quarter-inch drills, they buy quarter-inch holes.”
  • How the number one cause for churn is poor onboarding, and how to improve any onboarding that you have. This applies to products as well as to people joining companies through talent acquisition pipelines.
  • Iterate! meetings – these are meetings that Daniel and his team ran every single week to figure out ways that they could improve the educational material they have out there.
  • Measuring ROI and the importance of proactively sharing results and connecting them to the story that your senior leadership needs to be able to move the business forward.

I think of Daniel as an SME for customer education. His book is an incredible resource for anybody who wants to get into the space, whether you are responsible for people development internally or for people development through customers. If you do anything in the field of education or learning, there are deep insights to be gleaned from Daniel’s work.

So please sit back and enjoy my conversation with Daniel Quick.

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Show Notes

  • Daniel shares his background and early experiences with customer education, and how he was led to where he is now. (00:04:28-00:07:16)
  • We briefly discuss his goals for customers, which is maximizing product success. (00:07:17-00:11:30)
  • The importance of a great onboarding program and how customer education is all about the full customer lifecycle. (00:11:31-00:15:32)
  • We explore the learner’s aspirational pathway and customer success. (00:15:33-00:22:36)
  • We talk about his new book, The Customer Education Playbook. (00:22:37-00:27:54)
  • Daniel’s thoughts on the work of content creators and how they can leverage your product. (00:27:55-00:33:30)
  • Iterate! sessions: meetings that Daniel and his team did every week to figure out ways they could improve the education that they put out there. (00:34:12-00:39:54)
  • Moving the business forward: how measuring ROI and proactively sharing results can lead to the success of your function. (00:39:55-00:48:03)
  • How can the customer education team play a role in cultivating the learning culture within a company? (00:48:04-00:52:37)
  • Where you can go to learn more about customer education. (00:52:57-00:55:47)

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