Failing, Curiosity, Pull Knowledge and Going Back To Basics with Tameka Harris

Tameka Harris

Joining me today is Tameka Harris, a Senior Instructional Systems Designer at Blue Cross Blue Shield. She is also a part-time lecturer at the University of San Diego and an all-round passionate expert in the field of Instructional Design.

This conversation spanned from profound to emotional, it was something that I wasn’t expecting, and I don’t think Tameka was either. We explored things I believe are at the essence of what makes us unique as learning professionals.

I learned so much from talking to Tameka. Some of the things you’ll learn from this conversation:

  • Why creating any kind of learning always has to evolve.
  • How important it is to not be afraid of failing.
  • The value and importance of curiosity.
  • How pulled knowledge is superior to pushed knowledge.
  • How going back to the basics is an important trait of successful people.
  • We also explore why Tameka does what she does – her answer to this question alone is worth listening to this conversation.

So please sit back and enjoy my conversation with Tameka Harris.

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Show Notes

  • Tameka shares her early childhood experiences – her values, culture, and how she came to do what she loves.(00:03:18-00:05:53)
  • How important is oral communication and broadcasting in Instructional Design? (00:05:54-00:07:40)
  • Setting up a successful week. Tameka talks about her typical work week, and the best parts of what she does. (00:07:42-00:19:41)
  • What should we be learning? Tameka discusses her team’s learning priority for this year. (00:09:42-00:12:11)
  • Why creating any kind of learning has to evolve. (00:12:12-00:15:09)
  • The importance of facing challenges and not being afraid of failing. (00:15:13-00:18:36)
  • What is a company’s learning culture? (00:18:40-00:21:53)
  • The value and importance of curiosity. (00:22:07-00:26:26)
  • Tameka’s perspective on how curiosity can be accessible to everyone. (00:27:08-00:31:25)
  • Your passion will take you to unexpected places. Tameka shares the challenges and opportunities that brought her to Instructional Design. (00:31:28-00:33:43)
  • Challenges and lessons learned. (00:33:46-00:35:33)
  • Tameka shares how she nurtured an embedded learning culture for herself. (00:35:40-00:41:29)
  • Tameka tells us why she does what she does. (00:41:30-00:46:54)
  • What’s coming up for Tameka and where you can find her. (00:47:44-00:48:51)


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