Stop Losing Deals When You’re Not In The Room with Nate Nasralla

Nate Nasralla joins me this week for a deep dive with SME episode.

Nate is the founder of He teaches sellers how to sell with buyers, not to them.

His whole thesis is built on the idea that the sale actually happens when you’re not in the room.

And he has built a product around facilitating the how-to of his thesis: finding and framing a high-priority problem, creating internal consensus to move in a new direction, and then quantifying and clarifying a visual of the promised land (the business impact and the personal impact to come).

In the episode, we talk about:

  • Nate’s fascinating creative process and its result: simplified frameworks and mental models.
  • How to architect your discovery process to gather information in three areas: the problem, the buying process, and the payoff.
  • The one-page business case that Nate has, and the importance of building one with the buyer in their own words.
  • Buyer enablement and narrative framing.

A lot of puzzle pieces came together during this episode. Nate’s a super smart guy.

I definitely have to go back to my pipeline now and tweak some things because I learned a lot from this conversation, and I hope you do, too.

Please sit back, relax, and enjoy my episode with Nate Nasralla.

Full Episode

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Show Notes

  • Background: all about Nate. (00:03:20-00:06:14)
  • His creative process: simplified frameworks and mental models. (00:06:15-00:12:32)
  • Nate’s creative writing routine. (00:12:33-00:20:43)
  • Dealing with challenges and focusing on the right things as a seller. (00:20:44-00:28:36)
  • How the sale actually happens when you’re not in the room. (00:28:37-00:31:53)
  • We explore Nate’s one-page business case. (00:31:54-00:42:19)
  • The payoff: business impact and personal impact. (00:42:20-00:44:36)
  • Building trust, relationships, and self-awareness. (00:44:37-00:47:50)
  • Branding and credibility. (00:47:51-00:50:56)
  • Nate’s final message to our listeners, and where you can find him on social media. (00:51:39-00:53:08)

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