Steph Smith on Doing Content Right

Steph Smith on Doing Content Right

Steph is a growth marketer, writer, and indie maker, who currently heads product for the Trends newsletter. She’s had a career that spanned roles in research and analysis, tech with Toptal, and now working for The Hustle in the newsletter space.

She’s also the author of a book called ”Doing Content Right” which she launched last year as a passion project, and has since evolved into a community and online video course. It’s an absolute masterpiece and something that I’ve learned a lot from.

It was really cool to hear Steph’s lessons on growth, marketing, writing, content creation, content distribution, building an audience, monetization, and everything in between that goes into becoming a writer, content producer, and creator in today’s economy. It’s hard to think that Steph has accomplished so much in such a short career. But when you listen to the way she thinks about things, and you pick up the curiosity that’s driven her to keep getting better, and learning more about how things work, it really actually doesn’t surprise you.

So please sit back, relax and enjoy my conversation with Steph Smith.

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Show Notes

  • Being a Research Analyst and what skills did Steph learn from it? (00:02:32-00:05:02)
  • A brief background about her work. (00:05:03-00:08:01)
  • Steph’s take on curiosity. (00:08:02-00:09:03)
  • Talking about tech and how it fits in with her management consulting work. (00:09:07-00:11:17)
  • How she educated herself to start her work. (00:11:18-00:13:41)
  • Her process and technique in learning. (00:13:42-00:16:58)
  • How she is able to work effectively in different fields. (00:16:59-00:20:30)
  • Steph’s journey with The Hustle. (00:20:50-00:27:25)
  • How she avoids ‘Shiny Toy Syndrome’. (00:27:26-00:29:18)
  • The creative process and methods at Trends. (00:29:20-00:35:35)
  • Steph talks about the community and its benefits. (00:35:36-00:38:28)
  • Her approach in writing at Trends. (00:38:29-00:41:29)
  • Steph talks about her favorite trend. (00:41:33-00:43:23)
  • Steph discusses her book: how to find your own unfair advantage. (00:43:37-00:48:45)
  • More on Personal Branding. (00:48:47-00:49:47)
  • Her tips for people who are starting out in the world of content creation and beyond. (00:50:07-00:53:10)
  • Where do people get started with distribution? (00:53:11-00:58:40)
  • Steph’s views on SEO and finding the balance. (00:58:48-1:04:49)
  • When is the right time to monetize? (1:05:55-1:08:25)
  • Steph’s final message to the listeners. (1:08:45-1:13:27)

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