Stay Close To Your Sales Reps with Crystal Nikosey

Joining me this week is Crystal Nikosey.

Crystal is the Director of Global Revenue Enablement at UserZoom. She’s also the Phoenix Chapter Lead for Women in Sales Enablement, and the co-host of the Sales and Enablement Podcast.

I was lucky enough to be a guest on the podcast and it was so much fun talking to Crystal that I just knew I had to get her onto my show.

She did not disappoint.

For those of you who know Crystal, she is also a brilliant content creator on LinkedIn who always brightens up feeds with some rather hilarious and often hot takes on enablement.

Today, I got the opportunity to explore those with her. In this episode, you will learn more about:

  • How to mine for gold nuggets, or areas of improvement, in your reps.
  • What it means to treat sales reps like your customers.
  • How you shouldn’t just focus on the top performers.
  • Why it’s important to celebrate the bottom performers, and how.
  • How Crystal uses circles of excellence to build up the bottom performers through relatedness.

Crystal has intuitively figured out a way to apply a theory of motivation known as the “Self Determination Theory.” Make sure to listen out for that, where we compare what the theory says to what Crystal told me to tie it all together and reveal why she’s doing such a great job of enabling the sales reps at UserZoom.

To find out more about why it’s important to stay close to your sales reps – sit back, relax, and enjoy my conversation with Crystal Nikosey.

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Show Notes

  • What does learning culture mean to Crystal? (00:03:27-00:06:18)
  • How to personalize the learning experience for each rep. (00:06:19-00:12:36)
  • Reducing friction by staying close to your reps. (00:12:37-00:15:22)
  • How to look for potential areas for improvement in your sales representatives. (00:15:23-00:21:08)
  • Treat sales reps like your customers. (00:21:09-00:23:13)
  • How Crystal uses relatedness to raise the bottom performers through circles of excellence. (00:23:54-00:32:43)
  • The Self-Determination Theory. (00:32:44-00:36:17)
  • What inspires Crystal to create the content she does on social media? (00:36:18-00:41:44)
  • What is she learning and focused on right now? (00:41:45-00:44:06)
  • Why does Crystal do what she does? (00:44:07-00:46:04)
  • Crystal’s final message to our listeners, and what you can do to get more involved in a community. (00:46:05-00:48:23)

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