Social Marketing Lessons to Make You a Better Coach with Katie Pariseau

This week’s episode features Katie Pariseau, the Head of Enablement at TrustRadius. She landed in that role a year and a half ago and brings to it lessons from a career that began in social marketing.

If you’ve ever heard Don’t Mess with Texas, that’s social marketing.

Katie worked at an agency whose job is to come up with those kinds of campaigns – advertising that changes behavior for social causes.

She and I spent our conversation exploring the lessons she extracted from her fascinating career. As an intern, she interviewed smokers and litterers, uncovered and addressed unconscious behaviors, and fed her insights to the copywriting and creative teams to devise powerful ad campaigns.

Tune in for a template- and example-filled episode. Katie and I used our time together to apply her career insights to coaching and enabling people.

You’ll learn:

  • How and why to close the loop after you’ve asked questions that get somebody to reveal things about themselves.
  • Why not to assume that what works for you works for others.
  • How to use a two-by-two efforts-and-outcomes framework to categorize people based on their relative strengths.
  • How to scale the practice of coaching through an organization of sales leaders and managers.

This was a really fun one for me and I know you’ll enjoy it, too. So please sit back, relax, and enjoy my episode with Katie Pariseau.

Full Episode

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Show Notes

  • Katie’s background and prior work experiences. (00:03:48-00:07:07)
  • Uncovering unconscious behaviors and motivations. (00:07:08-00:12:10)
  • Behavior change, knowledge transfer, and closing the loop. (00:12:11-00:15:20)
  • Embracing transformative learning, and the power of the right questions. (00:15:21-00:20:53)
  • Katie’s go-to questions. (00:20:54-00:23:41)
  • How Katie manages coaching. (00:23:42-00:34:58)
  • Empowering your sales leaders and managers to try this coaching style. (00:34:59-00:38:30)
  • Katie’s big “why” and what she’s learning about now. (00:38:31-00:43:07)


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