Sharing Collective Knowledge with Kristen Hartley, Head of L&D at Pinterest

Kristen Hartley

Joining me this week is Kristen Hartley.

Kristen is the Head of Learning and Development for Pinterest. She’s a former Deloitte Consultant with a background in Change Management, who has been doing L&D as a function for two and a half years. She also does some coaching as a side hustle and brings a lot of those skills to the function that she’s responsible for at Pinterest.

In our conversation, you’ll learn about:

  • How talent management and development have a symbiotic relationship within the broader department at Pinterest.
  • Competency models, how they came up with them, and how they use them to both develop and manage their talent.
  • How they approach coaching and make coaching accessible throughout all levels at Pinterest.
  • How Kristen navigates the complicated terrain of job architectures and career pathing.
  • In one of my favorite parts of the conversation, you’ll learn about their monthly Manager Connects. These are monthly learning sessions open to all 600 managers at Pinterest, attended by up to 300 people each session to come together and share information.
  • You’ll also learn about Kristen and her team’s approach to internal talent, mobility, and career development tracks for employees.
  • Some ideas on how to instill a culture of learning that Kristen is trying and wants to try.

I know you’ll derive a lot of great ideas from this conversation with someone practicing this at a very large organization.

So please sit back and enjoy my conversation with Kristen Hartley.

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Show Notes

  • The collaborative relationship of Talent Development and L&D. (00:03:36-00:05:26)
  • Early beginnings and the story behind how she got to do what she loves. (00:05:27-00:10:19)
  • Kristen’s role at Pinterest. (00:10:20-00:14:44)
  • How Pinterest designed competency models and how they employ them within the company. (00:14:45-00:18:02)
  • Handling the complications of job architectures and career pathing. (00:18:03-00:21:59)
  • Manager Connects, and how it has served as a learning tool for the company. (00:22:00-00:31:07)
  • Their coaching process and how they make it accessible for everyone at Pinterest. (00:31:08-00:33:19)
  • Power skills. (00:33:20-00:38:09)
  • How to deal with leadership buy-in? (00:38:10-00:41:17)
  • Kristen and her team’s approach to internal talent, mobility, and career development tracks. (00:41:18-00:46:08)
  • How she helps their employees find balance between working, thinking, reflecting, and learning. (00:46:19-00:52:02)
  • Her personal take on Learning Culture and what it means to her. (00:52:03-00:56:20)
  • What Kristen is learning about nowadays. (00:56:21-00:59:12)
  • Why does Kristen do what she does? (00:59:13-1:01:00)
  • Where can you find and connect with her on social media. (1:01:18-1:01:48)

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