Scott Jeffrey Miller on Learning From Mentors

Scott Jeffrey Miller on Learning From Mentors

Joining me this week is Scott Jeffrey Miller.

Scott is an entrepreneur and also a Senior Advisor on Thought Leadership for Franklin Covey, a world leader in consulting and training, enabling individuals and organizations to achieve results that require lasting changes in human behavior. It’s a fascinating role and seeing Scott’s day-to-day covers a lot of the topics we’ve talked about on this podcast.

He says that no one can call themselves a “Thought Leader”. Many do but those are the people you should avoid – it has to be bestowed upon you. His recent years have been dedicated to building out what it means to be recognized as a Thought Leader.

Scott authored a leadership column for Intercom, a customer communications platform. He’s a best-selling author of multiple books, and is the host of the Franklin Covey sponsored podcast called On Leadership with Scott Miller. This podcast is a weekly show that interviews renowned business titans, authors, and thought leaders, which reaches more than 6 million people a week and has over 170 episodes.

Scott has mined the wisdom of mentors for his new book, Master Mentors. It’s an anthology of 30 of those conversations, where he has taken the time to distill a transformational insight from each of them. The book shares prompts, questions and stories  that can be applied in your own life, in your pursuit of mastery. It’s an incredibly unique piece of work, that dances between different ideas, but in reading it, you get a sense of how those ideas are connected.

One of the key takeaways, which we talked about in this episode, is how there aren’t really any new ideas out there; and how we all have permission to twist existing ideas into new ones. Some of the other lessons that we unpack include:

  • Your brand as a representation of self.
  • How leaning into your weaknesses, and showing vulnerability supports your brand.
  • Understanding your own circadian rhythm, noting when you have peaks, troughs and recovery periods.
  • The power of keeping a compelling scoreboard for you and those around you to measure your progress.

This conversation moves between all of the different transformational insights that Scott has gleaned from his years interviewing these incredible personalities. In fact, one of the topics we discuss in depth is how important it is to protect your brain – to literally be aware of the shock and trauma that our actual brains go through. I guarantee there is something in this episode for you, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll take away almost all of it.

Please sit back and enjoy my conversation with Scott Jeffrey Miller.

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Show Notes

  • Inside the day-to-day of active leadership. Scott talks about his role as Senior Advisor of Thought Leadership at Franklin Covey. (00:03:19-00:05:01)
  • It’s not what you know, it’s how you use what you know. Strategies that have helped him in building out Thought Leadership at Franklin Covey. (00:05:40-00:09:12)
  • The question is the answer. We talk about the importance of asking questions to create conditions of clarity and harmony. (00:09:13-00:10:33)
  • Scott shares lessons learned over time from podcasting and techniques that have made him a better interviewer. (00:10:34-00:12:55)
  • We discuss the key “transformational insight” of his book, Master Mentors. (00:12:56-00:15:28)
  • The process of condensing transformational insight. (00:16:05-00:19:03)
  • Holding onto your gems. Scott shares his system for keeping track of the conversations he’s done, through his process of collating insights. (00:19:04-00:20:11)
  • Being in the room, before you enter the room. We discuss your brand as a representation of self, and Scott offers his take on authenticity and how humility flows out of confidence. (00:20:30-00:27:48)
  • We talk about leaning into your weaknesses and how showing vulnerability can be seen as a strength. (00:27:49-00:33:48)
  • Don’t forget to remember your mind. We discuss the importance of protecting the health of your brain. (00:33:50-40:30)
  • Understanding your own circadian rhythm, recognizing peaks, valleys and allowing for recovery periods. (00:40:33-00:51:29)
  • The journey begins within. We talk about the path to finding your own identity. (00:51:40-00:56:34)
  • Reshaping existing ideas to create new forms of nuance. (00:56:38-00:59:36)
  • The power of keeping a compelling scoreboard for yourself and those around you to measure your progress. (1:00:04-1:04:19)
  • Where to find Scott on social media. (1:05:27-1:05:58)

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