Ravi Raman on Executive Coaching: How to Listen Within to Boost Performance Without

How to Listen Within to Boost Performance Without

Ravi Raman was a Microsoft product leader in the early 2000’s, a time when the company went through a very turbulent period in their epic retail wars with Apple. Ravi tells us about the time that he spent there, what he learned in the stressful product environment, and how he quit his job in 2014. He didn’t really know what he wanted to do. He took a year off with his wife and backpacked through the country. During this period, he gave himself the time and the space to figure out what his next steps would look like. This is how he got to where he is now, an executive coach for technology leaders at companies like Microsoft, Google, and Facebook.

Ravi thinks deeply about unlocking human potential and he approaches it from a perspective that requires intuition and insight.

In this episode, we go into what is behind high performance at work, what is the value of personal insight, and why we all need a coach to help us unlock our human potential.

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Show Notes

  • Ravi takes us back to the time when he moved up into various leadership roles at Microsoft. He shares some experiences. (2:30-7:20)
  • What drew Ravi to the culture of Microsoft? We branch out into exploring company culture in general. (7:24-11:09)
  • Ravi shares some general and personal challenges he faced working at Microsoft. (11:46-16:14)
  • Signs of in-effectiveness. (16:16-19:58)
  • How to stay motivated to work on your inner-self. (20:00-25:16)
  • Did Ravi’s job at Microsoft remain inspiring? (25:29-29:49)
  • Leadership (29:56-31:38)
  • Career change pivoting away from Microsoft. (31:48-38:00)
  • Making the decision. (38:13-39:57)
  • Healthy insecurity and curiosity being the driver for a thoughtfully radical change. (40:00-43:38)
  • Why did Ravi get formal training and didn’t just rely on his skill and knowledge? (44:14-50:07)
  • Key elements of building knowledge, practice, reflection, feedback, and getting out of your comfort zone. (50:17-54:39)
  • How did Ravi measure his improvements as a coach? (54:40-58:11)
  • We have invisible powers when we shift the place where the pressure comes from. (58:12-60:48)
  • How does Ravi convince people to change their mindset and think long-term? (60:57-65:21)
  • Why do we all need mentors to reach our potential? (65:40-69:04)
  • Why do we need coaches? (69:09-76:06)
  • What role did friends and family play in Ravi’s learning and evolution? (76:06-81:32)

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