Purposeful Performance with Brandon Fluharty (part 2)

Purposeful Performance with Brandon Fluharty (part 2)

In this gripping second part of our conversation with Brandon Fluharty, we dive deeper into the journey of self-mastery and the high stakes of performance.

If you tuned in last time, you know Brandon is not just an expert in transforming professional performance; he’s a beacon for those seeking to harmonize their work with their deeper purpose. Today, we’ll continue to explore the essential practices that Brandon attributes to his incredible success, including the disciplined protection of time, energy, and attention, and how these contribute to daily wins.

With valuable insights into his upcoming book, “Purposeful Performance,” Brandon isn’t just theorizing; he’s living proof that a good personal operating system can make all the difference. He’s here to share how tuning into your core self and tuning out the noise can achieve serenity and success.

We’ll hear about his shift from the grueling hustle culture which led to a personal health crisis, to a more balanced approach that not only improved his quality of life but also his professional achievements, marking a $14.1 million milestone in ARR within ten months.

But it’s not all smooth sailing. Brandon and I discuss how easy it is to revert to old, less productive habits and the importance of tracking not just objective outcomes, but also the subjective, softer aspects of our daily lives.

Join us as we delve into how the pandemic served as a catalyst for Brandon’s more deliberate lifestyle, the role of wellness in professional success, and why we all sometimes resist what we know is best for us.

So buckle up for a thought-provoking ride—and remember, if you’re looking to make sustainable changes in your life, start by being patient with yourself and celebrating those small, purposeful victories.

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Show Notes

  • [03:40 — 04:48] Managing time, energy, attention, and self-awareness.
  • [04:49 — 07:33] Stroke in early 30s due to work, stress.
  • [07:34 — 12:01] Focusing on human elements boosted professional performance.
  • [12:02 — 15:32] Realizing importance of self-care to work performance.
  • [15:33 — 20:36] Wellness essential for delivering high-quality professional outcomes.
  • [20:37 — 25:14] Adopt patience, avoid comparison, prioritize purposeful performance.
  • [25:15 — 27:44] Salesperson broke rules, found success, shares insights.
  • [27:45 — 30:34] Purposeful performance, helping others discover their purpose.

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