Purposeful Performance with Brandon Fluharty (part 1)

Purposeful Performance with Brandon Fluharty

In this episode, we have a special guest, Brandon Fluharty, the Founder of Be Focused. Live Great., former Revenue Generator with years of experience in sales. This captivating conversation with Brandon is split into two parts because of the wealth of insights he shares.

In part one, Brandon talks about his journey into sales and the valuable lessons he learned along the way. He discusses the importance of embracing natural human interaction over traditional sales tactics and the shift from a labor-based to a knowledge-based economy. We learn about his perspective on creating value and the concept of being a revenue creator beyond just sales professionals.

Brandon also shares his experiences from his athletic background and how that mindset of seeing sales as a game has influenced his approach. He delves into the need for psychological safety and effective support in professional development, shedding light on the principles that empower individuals to make better decisions and thrive in the knowledge economy.

Join us in part one of this insightful conversation with Brandon Fluharty as we uncover the transformational lessons and experiences that have shaped his approach to sales, learning, and personal development.

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Show Notes

  • [03:55 — 05:07] Learning from mistakes, unlearning, psychological safety, mentors.
  • [05:08 — 09:04] Industrial age rules clash with modern work.
  • [09:05 — 10:50] Best sales approach: be human, not seller.
  • [10:51 — 13:41] Encourage psychological safety and trust for success.
  • [13:42 — 18:18] Sales-community figure broadens definition of revenue creators.
  • [18:19 — 19:37] Sales and athletics share mindset for success.
  • [19:38 — 21:20] Three levels of personal growth and prioritization.

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