Planting Your Flag and Mastering Storytelling with Jeff Gothelf

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This week’s Learning Nugget comes from a conversation with Jeff Gothelf. This is a memorable snippet that captures the importance of storytelling as an essential leadership trait.

Jeff is the co-creator of the methodology for Lean UX, and he’s the author of the award-winning book of the same name (among many others). His work has informed the way thousands of companies approach software and product design.

Our conversation revolved around his book, Forever Employable, which chronicles Jeff’s transition from employee → agency owner → independent operator. What you’ll learn:

  • Jeff’s journey of creating Lean UX.
  • How to employ “enthusiastic skepticism” to ideas.
  • How to find the right place to plant your flag as a thought leader.
  • How to master storytelling from the position of your flag.
  • How to stop looking for work and let your next job find you.
  • How to overcome “paycheck addiction.”

Jeff applied his storytelling skills at every step of his journey toward thought leadership and the lessons from our conversation show how we can do the same. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this Learning Nugget with Jeff Gothelf.

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Show Notes

  • [03:10 – 06:08] The Lean User Experience: building Lean UX.
  • [06:09 – 09:09] Treat ideas as assumptions; “enthusiastic skepticism.”
  • [09:10 – 11:05] Balancing risk and investment in new ideas.
  • [11:06 – 12:43] Run the fewest number of experiments possible at first.
  • [12:44 – 15:29] When Jeff “planted his flag.”
  • [15:30 – 19:48] Real challenges of starting a company and overcoming “paycheck addiction.”
  • [19:49 – 22:18] How to stop looking for work and let jobs find you.
  • [22:19 – 27:48] How to plant your flag.
  • [27:49 – 31:30] Find your medium and become a stellar storyteller.
  • [31:31 – 33:12] Where to learn more from Jeff.

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