Personalizing Learning Using Salesforce with Anthony Altieri

Joining me this week is Anthony Altieri.

Anthony is a self-professed IDIoT. He is the Instructional Developer of Internet of Things for his own business, Omnes Solutions. And he’s a bit of an expert on LMS Operations and all the technology that underpins how we learn in organizations.

I wanted to get Anthony on the show to talk about the potential for the Internet of Things.

But our conversation took an interesting turn when we started discussing a use case for taking interactions in Salesforce and using those as a proxy for desired behavior within teams and among salespeople, using those data points to make informed recommendations for learning interventions. For example, if someone has 100 open opportunities in their pipeline and has only done follow-up calls for 50 of them, we might encourage a learning intervention that prompts them to set up follow-up calls and provides performance support and advice.

I think you’ll find this episode very useful from a possibilities perspective, helping you think about how we can really tailor the learning experience, how we can deeply understand what people are doing, and personalize the experience for them. Anthony has been in the e-learning industry since 2004, so he brings a lot of experience to this discussion.

I’m sure you’re going to enjoy this nugget of useful information from my guest, Anthony Altieri.

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Show Notes

  • Why is it crucial to understand the technology that enables your job? (00:02:40-00:07:58)
  • Anthony’s views on how to be an effective LMS professional. (00:07:59-00:14:18)
  • What is the Internet of Things? (00:14:19-00:17:51)
  • The premise of Internet of Things for organizational learning. (00:18:30-00:21:14)
  • Tracking tacit knowledge for learning interventions. (00:21:15-00:22:29)
  • Discussion about a use case for taking interactions in (00:22:30-00:27:40)
  • The user journey flows and the challenges around it. (00:27:41-00:35:54)
  • Anthony’s final message to our audience. (00:35:55-00:38:29)

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