People Are Your Leading Indicator with Steph White

Joining me this week is Steph White.

Steph is the Director of Revenue Enablement at Loopio. She started her career in Account Management and has translated that experience into a role enabling others. She’s uniquely equipped to do so because of her focus on people.

What I found in this episode, talking to Steph and getting to know her in this conversation, is that we think very similarly about how people are your greatest asset. We also agree about the importance of developing the skills of empathy, the ability to meet people where they are, finding what makes them tick, and enabling their potential. These are the keys to unlocking business growth.

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • Why combining all the steps of the customer journey is so important when looking at the enablement function.
  • The role of weekly rituals and how they contribute to knowledge sharing.
  • Why asking better questions is the top skill that Steph focuses on with her team and organization.
  • How in a learning culture, there is no such thing as perfect.
  • Steph’s advice on the choice between being an expert or adding tools to your toolbox.

This was a fascinating conversation on the people side of people enablement. And I think you will learn a lot from Steph just as I did.

So, please sit back, relax, and enjoy this episode.

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Show Notes

  • “Revenue Enablement is People Enablement.” (00:02:28-00:04:02)
  • Steph’s own empowering, enabling, and leadership style. (00:04:03-00:06:11)
  • More thoughts on leadership and the challenges that surround it. (00:06:12-00:12:24)
  • Other skills that she has developed and experiences that have helped her in her role. (00:12:25-00:15:25)
  • The importance of combining all of the steps of the customer journey when looking at the enablement function. (00:15:26-00:19:32)
  • The role and process of Steph’s regular team meet-ups and how they promote knowledge exchange within her team. (00:19:33-00:28:36)
  • Steph’s personal and team priorities and goals, and how she approaches them. (00:29:15-00:33:09)
  • What is Learning Culture? (00:33:10-00:35:49)
  • Advice on choosing between being an expert or adding tools to your toolbox. (00:35:50-00:38:11)
  • Her words of wisdom for those just starting out their careers. (00:38:12-00:41:25)
  • How Steph makes herself a better enabler. (00:41:26-00:45:23)
  • What is she learning now? (00:45:24-00:46:21)
  • Why does Steph do what she does? (00:46:34-00:48:05)
  • Where you can find her on social media. (00:48:06-00:48:51)

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