Paul Millerd on From Big Consulting to the Boundless Path

Paul Millerd on From Big Consulting to the Boundless Path

Joining me this week is Paul Millerd. Paul writes a weekly newsletter about work and life as a solopreneur. He teaches people about strategy consulting at Strategy U, his online course. He’s probably best known for making friends on the internet and hosting hundreds of curiosity conversations, where you can set up a one on one chat with him through his website about whatever is on your mind. Paul has a lot of very interesting ideas on his mind!

In this episode, we dive into his early career as a consultant at McKinsey and BCG, and what he learned that helped him break away from the default path to the boundless path he now follows. If you’re stuck in a job you’re unhappy with, or you’re curious about the solo path for founders and creators, Paul is an excellent case study in how to think about exploring that part.

Please enjoy my conversation with Paul Millerd.

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Show Notes

  • Paul talks about his background in consulting, and what motivated him to get into it. (00:01:57-00:05:09)
  • What was appealing about consulting, and described the nature of his work. (00:05:10-00:06:38)
  • How creative was his work in consulting? (00:06:39-00:08:10)
  • The importance of a slide deck. (00:08:11-00:10:05)
  • Paul on the firm’s process and approach in skills training. (00:10:06-00:12:26)
  • The culture of help and feedback in the firms he worked for. (00:12:27-00:15:04)
  • The skills that he has developed while working for these consulting firms. (00:15:05-00:16:46)
  • Paul on solving other people’s problems, and how he navigated through it. (00:16:47-00:18:58)
  • Paul’s motivation for learning and progress. (00:18:59-00:22:34)
  • The entrepreneurial mindset. (00:22:35-00:23:50)
  • Paul’s transition to being a solopreneur, and how he handled the change. (00:23:51-00:28:07)
  • Challenges during the transition and how he dealt with it. (00:28:06-00:30:00)
  • Paul on choosing the realistic path that is best for you. (00:30:01-00:35:00)
  • Paul’s two chapters of success. (00:35:01-00:36:53)
  • Why more and more people are reflecting on their mental health nowadays. (00:36:54-00:40:26)
  • Paul’s view on how the younger generation is sculpting its own path. (00:40:28-00:43:05)
  • Burnout. (00:43:06-00:44:57)
  • Paul talks about his journey with teaching and how he developed his courses. (00:44:58-00:51:13)
  • Paul shares about meeting people along the way and how it has helped him. (00:51:14-00:52:31)
  • Lessons he learned from teaching and his journey in creating courses. (00:52:32-00:57:20)
  • The people who have helped him and the turning point in his life as a Content Creator. (00:57:21-1:01:41)
  • What Paul values most and the challenges he had along the way. (1:01:42-1:05:04)
  • Paul on connecting with and helping other people. (1:05:33-1:11:13)
  • Curiosity Conversations. (1:11:14-1:12:34)
  • Paul’s current interests and where to find him on the web. (1:13:15-1:14:16)

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