Partners Want To Be Part Of Something Bigger with Brooke Coletti

Joining me this week is Brooke Coletti.

Brooke is the Senior Partner Enablement Manager at AWS, a fairly new role for her. She has worked in various enablement roles, and this was the first time in her career that she has specialized in partner enablement.

As a result, this is the first episode I’ve done on this show that is focused specifically on partner enablement.

We go into all things channel partner-related, and we also bring in quite a big dose of microlearning (another topic that Brooke is very much an expert in and has leveraged a lot in her career).

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How channel partner enablement has a unique challenge in that it’s not mandatory.
  • How and why communication is key.
  • The challenges of scaling partner enablement to be high-touch.
  • The challenge of surfacing content in the flow of work, an accessibility issue that Brooke is very passionate about.
  • How her approach for systematic and consistent communication helps solve a lot of these challenges and set her team up for success.
  • How to get into a career in enablement.
  • That everyone wants to be a part of something bigger than themselves – an idea that I just really, really loved from this conversation.

If all that sounds interesting to you, sit back, relax, and enjoy this episode with Brooke Coletti.

Full Episode

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Show Notes

  • How Brooke got into the enablement space. (00:03:13-00:06:29)
  • The path toward a career in enablement. (00:06:30-00:08:48)
  • Brooke’s top priorities and goals in her role. (00:08:49-00:11:21)
  • What is enablement? (00:11:22-00:13:04)
  • What is partner enablement and what is unique about this role? (00:13:05-00:15:40)
  • Challenges of scaling partner enablement to be high-touch and surfacing content in the flow of work. (00:15:41-00:21:07)
  • Brooke’s approach for systematic and consistent communication in overcoming these challenges. (00:21:08-00:23:10)
  • Microlearning. (00:23:11-00:28:10)
  • What might a learning culture look like in a group of channel partners? (00:29:44-00:33:18)
  • Establishing a partner community – how to go about it and the advantages of having one. (00:33:19-00:37:11)
  • What is Brooke reading/learning about now? (00:37:32-00:40:31)
  • Why does Brooke do what she does? (00:40:32-00:42:23)
  • Brooke’s final message to our listeners. (00:42:24-00:44:06)

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